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working with bloggersHow are you doing on the February Check List?  Try to do just a small amount each day if you are overwhelmed and about to freak out!  Seriously, remain calm and just take small steps.  Each step that you take towards your bigger goal is getting you closer even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

So, have you thought about contacting bloggers to help spread the word about your line?  They can be very persuasive in their community if they have a loyal following.

Here are a few things to think about when considering this type of media exposure……which I totally think you should be doing on a regular basis… case you were wondering!

1.  Make a big list of blogs that your target market might read.
2.  Only contact bloggers whose rating is under 500,000 to max your exposure.
3.  Email the blogger and pitch your line and make a cute offer for a give-away or something.
4.  Contact bloggers on a regular basis to pitch new products.

Have fun with this.  A big hit can mean a lot of sales, new subscribers, Facebook fans or whatever your offer is…






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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • This is a GREAT idea!  I just recently started doing that and can't wait to see where it takes us 🙂

  • Dannielle says:

    I contacted a blogger and met in person. She said she LOVED my work and even mentioned that even if she couldn't shoot anything else, she would shoot my cupcake hat for her upcoming birthday blog. She kept promising she would shoot my pieces "this coming weekend". After a month, I asked her to ship my things back because I needed them for an upcoming show. I got my things late and shipped without so much as tissue in the shipping box! The only positive is that per her suggestion, I am now on Instagram. In the future, I will be more aggressive and have a more concrete proposal before I make my contact!

  • kylie says:

    a very big thank you thank you thank you for shedding some light on how to find bloggers who can review your products… last week I had no idea.. So I goggled… I was even more confused than before because it listed bloggers but not what to look for… you’re such a star Sarah for posting this info

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