Why watching TV can help you get your products to celebrities!

k0017982Have you ever thought of watching TV as part of your job?

Well I never did either until many years ago my publicist asked me which TV shows I wanted to see my handbags on.    I had to admit that I had no idea as I never thought to “watch” with that in mind!  I had never even thought of that as a possibility to be honest…….

So I started to change the way I watched TV.  I started to make lists of the shows and the actresses that I wanted to carry my bags.  I even visualized it. It didn’t happen overnight or anything……Rome wasn’t built in a day agreed?  But it did happen over the next few months…

Once you get an item on a TV show, you can use that to get better PR for yourself which can result in sales…..or use it to pitch directly to stores to get more sales.

So this is what I suggest you do to get things going on your end:

  1. Think about watching TV from a “who can use my product” frame of mind.
  2. Consider who can carry or wear your product.
  3. Perhaps you have a home décor item – consider where it can be used on the show.
  4. If you have a made-to-order type of business – how can you make them the “right” thing?
  5. If you are a service based professional – perhaps there is a show that relates to your industry and you can think about how to relate what you do to the character of a show.

Let me know which shows are on you’re “A” list!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • I got a call from a production agent about product placement for Pencil Bugs on TV so we’ve been thinking about that lately. Any kid actor doing homework on their show could definitely be using a Pencil Bug on their pencil. Wouldn’t that be cool?! See original Pencil Bugs at http://www.pencilbugs.com. Thanks.

  • Dear Sarah,
    OK, this is so cool. A year ago I was in a Think and Grow Rich mastermind and I shared with them that my dream for yearrrrs was to have my one of kind beaded earrings on the lobes of the actresss on soaps, especially the ones I have watched since I was 13 which was #$&*% years ago!!! Thennnnnnnnn at my day job we hired a music teacher and through conversations I found out that she was married to a very famous soap opera actor who was on MY favorite soap – As the World Turns! I told her my dream, she liked me, pulled some favors and made it happen. It gets better!!! I made up 14 pair for the 14 actresses on the show thinking they would all wear them in one episode or something. Hey, on t.v., on time… nooooooooooo, I was informed the costumer had a new character beginning and my designs would be perfect for her. lo and behold, 7/23 was her debut on As The World Turns along with my earrings on her lobes. The bessssssssst – seven months later and she is still wearing my earrings. In fact, in every single scene on every single show she has been on since 7/23 she ONLY wears MY designs. SEVEN months. Now because this was done as a favor I did not sign any contracts, get paid for this or gain wardorbing credits on screen but who is complaining, right??? Still Fantastic, right????
    Well, here is my dilemma, Sarah and where I am so frustrated!!!
    I have printed out beautiful media with “As Seen on CBS National Daytime Drama As The World Turns”, I have posted it on allllll my social media sites: ie: Ladies Who Launch, Savor the Success, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. I have not garnered ONE sale from this in 7 months!!! My website is glorious, my designs are perfection and I am selling zero, zilch, nada. : ( I have gained a coo most designers would sell a limb for – on national CBS t.v. and yet, NO SALES!!! Now please understand, I am so full of gratitude on top of gratitude that my dream came true but NO sales???? Not even any interest from the actresses on the show???

    I so hope you have some inspirational wisdom for me because if anyone in the world would have it, it is YOU, Sarah!!!! I want to emulate your success, your wisdom, your achievements and your successes. Hope to hear from you very soon.
    With love and gratitude always,

  • I would love to first tailor my product to fit the show and then get my product on supernanny or nanny 911. She is always doing boards with lists, and behaviors, and chores, and schedules. I just dont understand how to contact them. Can you help me to understand how to make the connection with the show?

  • Sarah Shaw says:

    @Jason That is awesome news. Follow up on that and do the homework above and see what shows you want to pursue and go for it! You don’t need an agent. Just contact them yourself.

    @Roberta – yes can see that this is frustrating for you. I took a look at your FB page I think your efforts are 100%. But there is more you can do to connect with your peeps other than just pushing your product on them. Try to make posts about other things that are more personal and mention things (or links to fashion items) that compliment your jewelry line. If your contacts like jewelry they probably like fashion. Be creative and come up with other ways to connect and build trust.

  • Sarah Shaw says:

    Stay tuned for next weeks blog post…….will reveal a few tips!

  • A costume I made was worn by Erin Karpluk on the show Being Erica. They contacted me through my website. Looking forward to your tips on contacting other shows instead of sitting around and hoping they find me.

  • Meghna says:

    Hi Sarah,

    My name is Meghna and I am a Jewelry Designer. I attended your recent live conference. I have two questions. 1)When I look at the editorial calendar, how do I go about pitching my product to correct person? Where do find information for accessories editor name and email?

    2)I wanted to know since I am just starting my business. Is it best to go with a Showroom in NY OR go with a PR firm to get your products in Magazines and celebs which can help my online sales. I don’t have a big budget to do both. Is it worth investing in Accessories circuit through a showroom even if you don’t have any of work published in Magazines or with celebs. Tradeshows cost is big and there is 15% of all the sales acquired through showroom? I obviously would wait for couple months to see how sales are with showroom intially.

    I would greatly appreciate if you can answer these questions.


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