Who Are We to Judge?

strong leaderI saw this article this morning about the "uproar" over Marissa Mayer's claim that she is only going to take 2 weeks of maternity leave when her identical twins are born later this year. 

Honestly, who are we to judge her?


How can someone who hasn't even met her decide that she is doing something "wrong"?

How can we be so bold as to tell someone how to be a mother? (Unless they ask of course, which in this case…..NOT)

I can understand the writers concern over "young" women possibly being influenced by this, but at the same time, being a driven CEO of my own 3 companies at the time my identical twins were born…..I was back at work after 10 days….granted I worked from home and was sneaking in work when they napped, which thank god was almost all day.  And I had an extremely complicated pregnancy.

I think the bottom line is that if you are strong enough to be a CEO of a major company, that you have to be able to be comfortable with ANY decision you make and not really care what the outside world judges you on. 

Being a CEO means you have to be a leader. 

Marissa is doing what is right for her so she can feel like a leader.  Why judge her on that? Yes it would have "been nice" if she mentioned that this is not company policy or that no one else is expected to do as she does, nor does she look down on anyone who takes their full time off…… but that is not who she is, and we just have to accept that and respect her decision as one that works best for her and allows her to live her life on her terms.  That is how she got to where she is.

Some women are not meant to be "stay home moms", or even have that same pull to be home as much as possible as others.  It doesn't mean they are "bad moms".  I think that the most important thing for a child is that their parents are happy too…. an unhappy parent, makes for an unhappy child. 

Good for Marissa for standing her ground.  I am sure she did not decide to prove a point by making this decision.  This was what felt right to her.  Obviously once they are born, she is free to make amendments to her choices.  Maybe she will be so in love with them she can't leave them so quickly……..who knows. 

Chime in below …I want to know your thoughts:

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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