When Do We Rest and Rejuvenate?

BCP038-14As a Momprenette it is hard for me to find “down time”.  I feel like I am always working be it at my mom stuff or my work stuff.  I look forward to the weekends these days as I have decided that I really deserve time off  and have promised myself that I can do whatever I want for at least 3 hours a day while the girls are napping.  And of course, because I am an overachiever,  I try to do as much as possible in my 3 hours.   I live in Los Angeles and the weather is usually gorgeous – as it is today.  My roses are all blooming and I plan to soak up some sunshine and admire them in their full glory, perhaps prune a few and definitely cut some for the house.  I have a girlfriend stopping over for a quick visit after lunch, then I am going to catch up on a few magazines like Real Simple and Martha Stewart, and hopefully doze off for a quick cat cap before the girls wake up.  We have plans to meet some friends and their daughter at the park towards the end of the day for a playdate and early picnic.  I know to a lot of people this sounds like a crazy way to spend my “free time”, and that if you were me you’d probably just take to your bed and relax, maybe catch up on some TV.  Don’t get me wrong – I do that on some weekends too.  I try to do my girlie upkeep during the week when the salons are empty and prefer to spend my weekends at home or at the park with friends and their kids.  We all work so hard at life and business that we need to rest and rejuvenate in the ways that resonate with us personally.  If you sit for a minute and feel what your body needs today  it will come to you.  Maybe you need to take a walk, take a yoga class, cook, read a good book, craft, sew, talk to a friend, cry, create, invent or just sit quietly.  Whatever it is, do it.  Take the time for yourself today – you deserve it.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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