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What steps am I missing?

Dear Sarah,

I have a great Product called the “Teething Bib” and I have managed to get it in a couple of boutiques and also on a major website Csn Stores. I am still not getting the exposure I need to make the teething bib become a household name. I am currently advertising for sales reps. I have had a showroom rep and that has resulted in no sales for me. I guess my question to you is, what steps  am I missing for this to become the next must have for parents.


Dear Najmah,

You have a great product that I am sure (as a mom I know) many parents would love to have to save a few shirts from that teething drool-o-rama!  I totally understand your frustration and have a few ideas for you that may help better sell the product and help you get better quality sales reps.

1. Your website could use some overhauling.  It needs some call to action and a more dynamic look.  It looks like you have used a very generic template and doesn’t really do justice to your creative product idea.

2. You might want to consider adding an email sign up box to collect emails of potential buyers so you can market to them – both on-line retail and wholesale customers. There are many companies to choose from like Constant Contact, Mailchimp etc.

3. I’d suggest writing some fabulous copy (or hiring it out if that’s not your thing) that describes the product in detail and tells the customer what it can do for them……might seem obvious to you but not always to the customer.  When buying on-line, it’s important to give the customer “more” info then you think is necessary as they are not touching and feeling.

4. Have multiple photos can really help too.  Perhaps a photo on a child showing the front and back, and be sure to explain in your copy how it goes on and off…….not obvious even to me!

5. It is fairly common to have an “About us” and “FAQ” tabs to again, give more information about who they are buying from and what kind of service they can expect from you.

6. As far as sales reps go – I have to agree, the good ones are hard to find.  I suggest using GreatRep to find reps as well as trolling the trade-shows (where you eventually want to exhibit) to find the reps that have booths already.

7. I’d talk to the showroom that is not producing orders and ask them what is going on.  Perhaps price resistance? They usually have a good beat on their customers (or should), and can give you valuable feedback to use going forward.

8. Check out the article I wrote last week on sales reps and be sure to ask all the questions I suggest to know if it is the right fit for your line.

Good luck, you have a really cute idea.  You just need to give it more on-line presence and better content and I think you’ll see better results.


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Hi Najmah,

    Once you overhaul the website, you should then check out the trade publications for the juvenile markets: –

    Kids Today at
    Baby & Kids at
    Earnshaws at
    James Girone
    Baby & Children Product News

    Check their editorial calendars for opportunities to submit your product for a chance to gain free exposure.

    Also, check the advertising opp’s on James Girone, I believe a button ad is something like $175.00 for the year.

    Good Luck

  • I would also encourage you to use social media to promote your product. Your strategy could look something like this:

    1. Create a Facebook fan page for your product.
    2. Join forums and find moms who could use your product. Send them free samples if you have to.
    3. Get these moms onto your fan page to give their testimonials.
    4. Promote this fan page on your website.
    5. Promote the businesses who are currently selling your product on your website.
    6. Once you have built up enough fans, then use your web page as part of your marketing pitch to future retailers. Let them see the testimonials and fans who would be willing to purchase your product from them.

    Good luck!

  • Dianne Davis says:

    Najmah – I went to your site to see what a teething bib is. I have a young grandbaby and thought this sounded like a good product whatever it is. After clicking around I still don’t know what it is or how it is any better than the little bibs I buy at Target. There are some good photos but no information or descriptors as to what makes the product a can’t-live-without!

    Good luck.

  • Dashiel says:

    What a great idea!
    I love the look of your website, clean and uncluttered but I’d def like to see pix of babies wearing the bibs, also the “about us” I’d like to hear about the “ah ha! moment.
    also people get a feeling of trust from seeing the real person behind a product so a snap of you and the inspiration baby would be a great addition to the site.
    good luck
    Sunny Sleevez
    Protect your arms from sun damage…with STYLE!

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