What is a road rep?

what is a road repRoad Reps are independent reps that sometimes work for a larger group, or on their own, and don’t have a showroom. They travel around their “territory” showing products to the stores they service. This can be a more cost effective choice as there is no showroom fee for road reps – they work strictly on commission.  Another bonus is they are always out and about so they often have more opportunity for a sale then someone sitting in a showroom waiting for a client to stop by.
A great place to look for road reps is  I suggest doing the ad with a photo and if you can afford it…..take out the home page ad for a few weeks too.  It gives you some great exposure and that was how I found my reps over the past few years with the Handy Hold All.  It’s all pretty inexpensive so if you are serious……just go for it sister!
Most road reps will take only a few samples and then use your catalog sheets to sell the rest of the line.  If you can provide them with swatches, or any kind of “mini” things to make the show and tell easier…..always a great idea.
Good luck.
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  • Awesome suggestion, I just signed up, thank you! xoxo

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