What Buyers Don’t Want You to Know

Buyers Look to Other Stores for Great Merchandise
It is a well known fact in the world of retail that store buyers shop other stores for ideas and new product ideas. By getting your products into more stores, you can quickly expand your reach and grow your wholesale business. 

But how can you leverage this concept to your advantage?

The key is to make sure that the store you’re targeting has an audience that will be attracted to your product. You want to make sure that the products in their store match what you offer. Once you know what type of store you want to target, it’s time to start building relationships with those buyers. This will give you access to a larger number of stores (or rather their sneaky buyers). Once you do this, it can increase the chances of getting your products into multiple stores.

Try offering your collection to a store on consignment

Sometimes this is as simple as offering your line on consignment to the RIGHT store just so you can use the name to leverage getting into other stores. I did this with my handbag line by getting it into Fred Segal on consignment at first, as well as a few other shops in Los Angeles, and then I leveraged those into tons of new store sales around the country as those stores were all famous at the time.

Once you have established relationships with the right buyers and have had success selling into stores, it’s time to start looking for more and more stores each month.  You will quickly see your revenue go up and your cash flow ease.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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