What a celebrity can do for your brand

Getting products to celebrities can be very exciting! It can bring you major brand recognition, possibly get you on TV, attract wholesale buyers, boost online sales, start new trends, and give you awesome credibility! Choosing the right celebrity for your brand depends on who your target market admires, so be sure to approach celebrities that will entice your buyers.


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • What’s the best way to approach celebrities about this? I like your suggestion of giving them a free “sample” but can you suggest any other ways? I imagine cold calling their PR reps wouldn’t be the best way, right?

  • Louise says:

    I truly believe this, but would love some information on how you actually get your product in front of the right celebrity! I’ve written and illustrated a neat little book about the glass ceiling and what the boomer generation of women went through establishing their careers, and would love to get it in front of someone like Oprah (good luck!), or Meg Whitman or some experienced, well known woman. But this is great advice, regardless!

  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks again for some wonderful information – always look forward to reading your blogs and listening to you recordings. xoxo

  • julie says:


    I would really love to know how you actually find the address for your favorite celebrity do you send to there pr rep?

  • Sarah Shaw says:

    Check out for lists of celebs

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