Turmeric Powder and a Little Subversion

u13604896My daughters are allergic to anything “mom” says or tries to impose when it comes to their health. So the idea of taking vitamins, eating more fruits and veggies and laying off MY coffee in the morning is met with a resounding “NO!” Feels like the terrible two’s all over again.

Subversion is the only tool left to me to insure their continued health.

D#2 has decided not to take her asthma medicine. “Ok,” I say. “Where are your inhalers?” Why-are-you-bothering-me roll of the eyes tells me she has no clue. So I crush the pink pill and sprinkle it over a cup of “froyo,” which she eats without an ounce of suspicion.

D#1 has a great immune system. All that breast-feeding really paid off. But think she’d take calcium supplements to boost her bone strength? The eye rolling happens here too. I bought good-tasting Tums – stuck them on her computer with a note stating that her password was changed and the consuming of 2 tabs a day will keep the computer humming in her hands. Worked like a charm!

But the Hubby, he’s another issue. He’s leery of anything promoted by his wife as “good for your health.” He rarely gets sick except if he’s been on a plane. Then he is miserable with sneezing and coughing all over the house.

I shared my frustration-Husband syndrome with a friend of mine from India. Samir Doshi, of Telecomers, mentioned they use Turmeric powder as an anti-septic. “How does it taste?” I ask. My mind is busy flashing pictures of me sitting on the Husband whilst pouring this powder directly into his mouth. “Of nothing,” he replied. “It just turns the food a bit yellow.”

Yellow? I can do yellow! I rushed off to the market, bought some turmeric powder, yellow squash, tomatoes and made a ratatouille. I liberally sprinkled the Turmeric on the squash before drenching everything in garlic, caramelized onions and olive oil.

I served the dish on a decorative platter and made it look FANTASTIC, key to getting the family to eat new dishes. They ate it up and suggested we have this dish more often!

Gosh, I love subversion.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Wow what an excellent idea. Turmeric is actually a really good spice for you. I use it a lot in rice. I think the whole post the note on your daughters computer thing was so cute. Gotta try that one day when I get daughters =)

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