Transform your old product into a new one

Ever wonder how to revive and old product and create something new and exciting for your customers?

Sometimes recreating the old can be an easy and economical way to boost your offerings and reengage with old customers…….creating more sales.

My experts below have contributed some cool ideas they used to give you some ideas on how to recreate your own products and create something new – right now!

Have you thought of updating your packaging?
How about pairing up with another brand for a "gift pack"?
Have you thought about a new use for your product?

Still a few more days to ship ground for the holidays………keep those sales coming in strong!


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Excellent tips on how to transform your old product into a new one. I normally do all the things listed here. I create handmade accent pillows and if they don’t sell I update them with a little bling or add a bit of lace and next thing you know it sells. I think an update to your website is great too. And I also think it’s a good idea to show your some of your products on your homepage. This way customers get a first glance at what you offer. I have seen awesome slideshows on different sites listed on their homepage and it catches my attention. I am working on that for my site now and will see where it takes me.

    Have a great day and thanks Sarah for such having such an informative site. ;-D

    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet’s Creative Pillows

  • This topic is timely! Thanks for reading my mind.
    It was a great benefit to us.

  • Sarah,

    Your content really is fabulous! Thank you for being so (street) smart!

    Best Regards,
    The Backyard Harmonica Teacher

  • Great ideas! I simply update my photo!

  • Sue marsh says:

    Great ideas in here! I enjoyed reading what other people have actually done, versus just a bunch of “you should’s”.

  • Thank you so much for all of your ideas. I have so much to think about, deciding on what direction would be best for my business.

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