To Pop-up or not?

As we approach NY fashion week next month, award shows and the holidays in general, Pop-up shops which are often popular become rampant…….and so do the solicitors who are looking to you to fill the available spots. I know, some of them are really good sales people and you are ready to sign on the dotted line right?   Are they worth it?  How much can I expect to make?  Is the celebrity really going to take a photo with it? What is it going to cost me? What’s a girl to do?

I participated in a few of these back in the handbag days and I have to tell ya…….not a lot came of it.  I find that photos of celebs with your product are pretty useless with the media as they know it’s a “forced photo” when they see the backdrop, and sales are usually low as most attendees are getting it for free.  Yes, you can use the photos on your website and in social media, but even boutique buyers are getting hip to the award show events and are not impressed with that type of celeb photo any longer.

Pop-up store fronts can be lucrative if the host can produce the people. But how do you know if they can?

I have put together a short list of questions you can ask the host or hostess prior to accepting to make the most educated decision possible. Don’t forget, usually about 30% of the RSVP’s actually show up!

This list is an assortment of questions you can ask about a celeb event or a regular pop up store front – just pick and choose what is relevant each.

  1. Have you done this before?  (Or “Been in charge?” if an ongoing annual event)
  2. How many guests do you expect?
  3. How many Celebrities are you inviting?  How many RSVP’d?
  4. Has the press been invited?  How many RSVP?
  5. What were average sales last year?
  6. Do all the celebs take photos with the products?
  7. What kind of promotions are you doing for the event?
  8. Can I bring an assistant?

Let me know if you have done a successful Pop-up and what the outcome was, and equally, LMK if you find some great new ones this year!


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Janet says:

    Great info. Good to know people are hip to the posed celebrity “endorsements”. A celebrity sporting a product is a no way to base a product purchase decision. Who cares what celebrity’s are buying, buy what YOU like.

  • Tracy says:

    Great questions to ask. Too often we let our hopes and emotions make the decisions.

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