• Set the Right Price for Your Product Line

    Profitable Pricing Guide for Your Product Line

    Knowing how to set the right price for your product line is crucial for the success of your business. It involves a combination of factors, including understanding your costs, considering industry sta...
  • How to Successfully Avoid Tradeshows and Still Reach Your Buyers

    How to Successfully Avoid Trade Shows and Still Reach Your Buyers

    To successfully avoid Trade Shows and still reach your buyers, you need to have specific timing. Have you ever wondered when your buyers make their purchasing decisions? Chances are, a significant por...
  • Buyers look t other stores for buying tips

    What Buyers Don’t Want You to Know

    Buyers Look to Other Stores for Great Merchandise​​It is a well known fact in the world of retail that store buyers shop other stores for ideas and new product ideas. By getting your products into...
  • Making Your Pop-Up Event a Success

    Making the Most of a POP UP EVENT

    If you want to get your product into one of the most desirable stores on your dream list, then you must prove yourself by doing a killer pop up event.  Pop Ups are the perfect way to demonstrate the ...
  • How to get into 25 stores in a week

    How to contact 25 stores in 14 Days

    Do you wonder how some brands are all of a sudden “all over the place” and just a few months before you’d never even heard of them?  I used to wonder that too until I figured out th...