When I first started working with Sarah I had a garage full of my Bathroom Bagonia's and didn't know how to market or sell it. Since working with Sarah we have sold to TJMaxx, have been approached by a QVC rep, appeared on Extra and have secured our own widely respected gift rep who is currently showing our line at the gift shows around the country. I am a Mom of two and Sarah's gentle guidance has never felt overwhelming, and I am able to be with my kids and get my work done with her easy-to-follow systems in place. Thanks to her help and knowledge about bringing a product to market, I feel educated and prepared, and am looking forward to an amazing 2014.

- Estelle Shaw

I've been getting Sarah's Instantly Famous notes for years. I've been listening to her, reading her blog, and implementing her sage advice when applicable, but never felt I had a great mainstream product, until now. Our business is getting ready to explode! In just a few months, Sarah has referred us to new manufacturers, connected us to a rep for the home shopping networks and helped me get my products to two "A" list celebs. If you have dreamed of hitting it big, and your product has any kind of 'it' factor, as Sarah often says, "When in doubt take the next step." - Just do it. You won't regret it. Sarah continues to offer down to earth, manaegable projects and assignments. Yes, I've had to pull on those big girl pants more than once, but after the leap, I often ask, now WHY did I think that was scary? I want Sarah by my side every step of the way!

- Chris Alexandria

Working with Sarah has been an amazing experience. Her knowledge about everything is mind-blowing and there has not been a question she cannot answer, or an experience she has not already been through. In just a few months, we have transformed my website into an amazing one, she has helped write sales copy, advised on marketing strategies, and assisted on getting my blog going which has lowered my Alexa rating over 40% in just a few weeks, and brought in new customers. I have made more progress with her in a few short months than in the entire last year. Working with her is a great investment and I am very thankful to have found her.

- Colleen Eyges

I wanted to say thank you again to you for helping me connect with the Notanonymous showroom in NYC. I exhibited for the first time at the Accessorie Circuit show and have picked up lots of new accounts including six of the W Hotels. My sales are up over 30%. Thank you for all of the useful information that you constantly share!

- Lisa Marie Todd
Marie Todd, Inc.