Your program is already helping me sooo much.. and I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. and it’s not a train. I know there will be lots of hours, lots of work, lots of rejection.. but at least now, I have a play book to follow. :) I wish I had met you a long time ago.. I would have saved so much wasted money.

- Sonali Chaturvedi
Shiksona Beauty

I’ve worked with Sarah for about 3 months now and my line has been picked up in 2 new stores with a re-order 2 weeks later! She is very knowledgeable about sales/ marketing and knows how to get everything done! She truly felt like a partner for my business, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

- Merrie Knox
Oh So Fitting

I wanted to share the importance of persistence, as you always say! I pitched another item to this writer Aug 1 and explained the benefits of alpaca fleece and a month later she reached out asking for a sample of the pants she ended up highlighting and writing about a week later! As always, thanks for the support! Check out Daph's Post in FORBES!

- Daphne
Founder, Shop Daph

I'm already getting orders from the email with the updated pricing that I just sent to my current stores. One day I'm gonna fly wherever you are and buy you a big glass of wine and hug you. Truly blessed that I stumbled upon your site that day. I know I pay you to help me but you've done so much for me and are worth every penny if not more.

- Meredith Jurica
Makeup Junkie Bags

Sarah Shaw is like Google, the entire How To section of Barnes and Nobles, Consumer Report and Yoda all wrapped up into one of the sweetest, most generous people you'll ever meet. And I'm talking about stuff she doesn't even claim to be an expert on. If you're looking for someone to help you launch your business , you'd be a complete ding dong not to get coaching from her because I promise you, one minute with Sarah Shaw would be worth hours of some other "expert's" time.

- Jen Sincero
NY Times Bestselling Author of "You Are a Badass"

Sarah is exactly what I have been looking for to take my business to the next level. She brings a ton of experience to the table and saves time, money and headaches with her plethora of resources. I've had my business for 14 years and I've always felt like I was missing pieces for wholesale growth and online growth. Sarah filled that gap in more ways than I could have imagined. Our wholesale quadrupled in the first month of implementing her wholesale practices. We are just getting started and I'm excited to continue growing my business with Sarah as my go to girl for when I get stuck. If you're willing to put in the work, Sarah will take you to new levels in your business. I can't recommend Sarah enough!

- Traci Dalrymple
Founder, Kokokahn Essential Oils

Everything's coming together. I am so excited. Thank you 🙏 the website looks great. I am so proud of it now it looks so professional.  I was thinking about giving up because I felt so buried and had no direction. I am happy I hired you to help me.
I have some faith in my product again.  Thanks for that ♥️

- Tina Bagon
Bright Kids LLC

I LOVE working with Sarah! The best business decision I’ve made recently is joining Sarah's Retail Revolution program to learn how to gain exposure and grow revenue for my handmade business, Shawn Sargent Designs. Sarah is that guiding and supportive voice in your head – and literally on the calls every week, which is an invaluable part of the program. Within three months of working with her, her expertise helped me land Real Simple's Holiday issue as my first magazine feature, which provided a huge boost in our Q4 sales and gave us national exposure! She also takes a personal interest in our products and growth. Recently she introduced me to a rep that got my products onto The Grommet and is connecting me to revenue streams I couldn’t have reached so quickly on my own. Sarah helps push limits in a positive way, and her ongoing support gives me confidence and momentum to grow my business and reach new goals. Working with Sarah is amazing, and I’m excited for what’s ahead!

- Shawn Sargent
Shawn Sargent Designs

Sarah has always been so knowledgeable and has helped me so much in growing my business and getting my Daybooks out into the world. She most recently helped me prepare for the NY Now Gift Show which turned out to be a great opportunity to gain more exposure and make connections that I know will help me take my business to the next level. She is the real deal. She knows her stuff and is so dedicated to supporting women in business.

- Noelle Van

We enrolled in Sarah Shaw’s program because we needed someone to kick us into shape! She did just that with daily, clear and concise instructions about how to organise our time and create a routine to make things happen. The constant feed of facts and directions was exactly what we needed. For us the single most important thing we have gained is a ‘method’ to organise our day, week, month, and year! We had been reading about Sarah for some time and had gained confidence in Sarah’s voice and experience. It was fabulous to have her knowledge and guidance. We would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone looking for guidance about how to advance their business and find a ‘method in the madness’ those first few years seem to be!

- Jane Davies & Rohana Jaffe
Tamarillo UV Swimwear