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I’ve been getting Sarah’s Instantly Famous notes for years. I’ve been listening to her, reading her blog, and implementing her sage advice when applicable, but never felt I had a great mainstream product, until now. Our business is getting ready to explode! In just a few months, Sarah has referred us to new manufacturers, connected us to a rep for the home shopping networks and helped me get my products to two “A” list celebs.
If you have dreamed of hitting it big, and your product has any kind of ‘it’ factor, as Sarah often says, “When in doubt take the next step.” – Just do it.

You won’t regret it. Sarah continues to offer down to earth, manaegable projects and assignments. Yes, I’ve had to pull on those big girl pants more than once, but after the leap, I often ask, now WHY did I think that was scary?

I want Sarah by my side every step of the way!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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