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How do I pick the best domain name for my website?

I asked my friends over at Webgem to respond to this inquiry as they know best! Ask the expert question: How do I pick the best domain name for my web...

Can You Protect Your idea??

One of the questions that has come up a lot with clients is How do I protect my idea? This can be a super frustrating aspect of a great invention. Unf...

Pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA vs. Overseas

Dear Sarah, What are the pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA vs. Overseas and vice versa? Thanks, Robin Humphrey

What are the best-kept secrets to finding new wholesale accounts?

Okay I hear you!  You want to know creative ways you can find new wholesale accounts while doing it all yourself!   This is still exciting for me b...

How to Recognize your Wholesale Sweet Spot

So many people ask me how to determine their minimums, if they should have one, and what the point of it is anyhow.  Since there are many answers, an...

5 Key Steps to a Successful Website

One of the main reasons that I wanted to move my website to a new server was that I was never happy with the wholesale shopping cart on my current sit...

Are You A Goal Getter?

As you have probably guessed by now, I subscribe to MANY Many Many (ok….way to many) blogs and newsletters where I learn a lot of the new stuff that...

How to Effectively Cost Your Product

As I am speaking to more and more of you budding Entreprenettes, I realize that understanding the true cost on your product(s) is a real problem for e...

How do I prioritize my time?

Hi Sarah, I am an entreprenette with a burning question. How do I prioritize my time? Everyday I have a million things to do but can only accomplish 4...

Anyone can launch a product and that’s a fact!

Creating products and manufacturing are second nature to me……but for many of you I know it could be a daunting and scary idea.  I want to try to ...