Seasonal roll-outs

Seasonal roll-outs are really important to stay on top of. Be sure to find out when the tradeshows and market weeks are going on throughout the year for your particular product line and make sure you are approaching buyers accordingly.

The more experienced you "appear", the more seriously buyers will take you.  Each product line has it's own "life span"……do you follow traditional seasons, Hallmark Holidays, or major trends……perhaps you dip your toe in some or all? 

Whatever it is, you want to stay on top of it by marking all of these due dates in your calendar and then counting backwards to get to your official start date for each seasonal roll-out.

Here is a mini checklist to help you work backwards:

  1. Date to show new collection
  2. Get new line up on website
  3. Create line sheets
  4. Take photos
  5. Receive final samples
  6. Get samples into the works
  7. Order raw materials
  8. Research raw materials
  9. Design new line
  10. Research new trends, colors, gather research

How organized is your calendar?


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • nancy fox says:

    Sarah, you’re so right to advise your colleagues and clients to plan by the ‘work it backwards’ method.

    I guess I learned this from my years as an prod dev exec in the women’s underwear business. We had to plan line development working backwards or we’d be sure to leave out critical steps.

    The same is really important if you’re marketing a program or service.
    When you’re launching or planning your business, if you look at it chronologically from today to launch, you leave yourself open to missing essential dates and action steps.

    I like to use a erasable calendar or post-it note calendaring so I can move things around and see them “on the big screen”

    Thanks for this invaluable tip.

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