Do you wish you had a million dollar line?
Would you like to see your products in Bergdorfs, Bloomies and more?
Want to see your products in the hands of celebrities?


All this is possible with
everything you will learn
in Sarah Shaw’s
Retail Mastery Course.





What do you get in Retail Mastery?

  • 6 Hour Long Trainings
  • PDF Downloads, Templates, Examples, And Check Lists
  • Reference Sheets
  • Includes 6 LIVE Sarah Unscripted Calls – Ask Sarah questions LIVE 2 Times A Month For 3 Months
  • PLUS One 30-Minute Private Call With Sarah

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fattie Since working together, I have doubled my sales and got into the Real Simple Gift Guide and of course, have nabbed a few famous celebrities as well. Thanks for being an incredible font of information and for sharing so willingly. I couldn’t have done it without you. My Tee’s were featured in PEOPLE, OK, IN touch, and Star Magazines. All thanks to you Sarah.
Mari Gallen Fat Tie

In my training program I am giving you the 6 most important “Retail Mastery Steps” to more Exposure, Sales and Profits.


Week 1

Priced To Profit: How to price your products to sell more and make more

– Secrets to the perfect price point
– Pricing test methods
– Buyers sweet-spot
– Prepackaged incentives
– Seasonal pricing strategies
…and so much more

Week 2

Merchandising Mastery: The secrets to merchandising your line for sales success

– Master the “Collection Balancing” strategies
– Learn the cutting edge trend spotting and analysis techniques
– Establish variable price-point merchandising plans
– Implement line expansion and modification techniques
…and so much more


Week 3

The Buyers Black Book: Strategies, Techniques and Secrets to getting all the right buyers

– Implement demographic targeting strategies
– Establish seasonal targeted rollouts
– Implement trend targeting strategies
– Find and identify key retail buyers
– Complementary brand leveraging
…and so much more

Week 4

Closing The Deal: Time tested, proven method to get buyers buying

– Plug-in automated contact builders
– Implement rapid response lead sorting techniques
– Utilize the “Door Opening” phone strategy
– Create your catalog and order form
– Distinguish sample sorting and sample option strategies
…and so much more


Week 5

Marketing Mastery: The simple strategy to explosive brand exposure

– Simple strategies for wildly successful Home Parties, Trunk Shows and Tradeshows
– Exploiting New Media Strategies
– Achieving Social Media Dominance
– Discover the simple secret to Celebrity Exposure
– Learn how to leverage the “Famous Faces”

…and so much more.

Week 6

Sales Force: Stepping Up Your Game With National Exposure

– Identifying and vetting the perfect sales reps
– Managing your team for maximum sales with minimal headaches
– Create and roll out your own perpetual sales machine
– Master cutting edge techniques including Neuro-marketing and multisensory techniques.
..and so much more

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unnamedI am so looking forward to working with you and helping you take your business to the next level. This course is going to teach you my secrets and techniques so you can rock it out and set yourself apart from your “competitors”. I promise you will walk away armed with a ton of knowledge, contacts, resources, ideas, to help you propel your business forward.

When in doubt, take the next step,