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Henry Stafford Revtown jeans3 former Under Armour employees used decades of sportswear expertise to create $75 performance denim.

Henry Stafford is one smart man. Using everything he learned while holding down a powerful job at Under Armour, he and 3 partners launched Revtown, a denim company that is taking the mens jean world by storm.  Under Armour employees create $75 performance denim in a year.

Deciding that jeans didn’t need to be expensive to be awesome, they created their own denim fabric in Italy to set  themselves apart from competitors.  Henry talks a lot about their marketing as they only sell on their own website.  No discounts ever, not even to staff, is one of their models.

Under Armour employees create $75 performance denim

They realized quickly that they needed to time their rollouts according to seasons. Henry said they take this part of their marketing very seriously.  Jeans are pretty much a year round item, but not a huge seller in hotter months.  The Revtown partners consider many different things now when launching a new item.  Hopefully they will be the next FUBU!

Henry Stafford has been in the Product and marketing space for over 20 years with long stints at Under Armour, American Eagle, Old Navy and Abercrombie.

Henry was Under Armour’s former chief merchandising officer and help  Under Armour grow from $800M to $5 billion over 6 years. His partner Steve Battista was a former senior vice president of creative at Under Armour, and Matt Maasdam, was the former head of the Under Armour’s e-commerce unit. Their fourth partner, Chris Lust, comes from the hedge fund world and is now the CEO and is the one who keeps them all in line!

The three of them set out to create quality denim, straightforward fits, and unbeatable comfort — and it’s clear they’ve achieved just that with Revtown.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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