Interview with Fashion Icon Trina Turk

Trina TurkSarah Shaw talks to fashion icon Trina Turk about how she got her start in fashion and learned the ropes of having her own business by trial and error. Trina shares growth strategies, time management struggles, and that she still does her own Instagram….which of course I was so happy to hear!

Trina shares about her early years working for other fashion brands, and after years of hard work, deciding to leave the comfort of the corporate world and start her own brand. Of course, she assumed with her background that she was prepared to launch her own line, but quickly learned how much more difficult sales and marketing were than she thought.

Tune in to listen to her talk about how she got her start and now has a multi-million dollar company that she still considers her baby.

A genuine California local, Trina Turk is inspired by the Golden State’s multicultural mix, creativity, craftsmanship, architecture, and landscape–a synergy that permeates her contemporary, colorful aesthetic. Infused with bold signature prints and dynamic hues unique to each collection, Trina’s modern and optimistic outlook meld the best of classic American design with a California confidence, incorporating beautiful fabrications and impeccable quality for the effortless elan and carefree glamour.

Visit Trina for a peek at her latest collection this season.

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