Julie Fredrickson of Stowaway Cosmetics knows what works when it comes to makeup

Stowaway Cosmetics Julie Fredrickson shares her launch story Stowaway Cosmetics knows makeup

Julie Fredrickson of Stowaway Cosmetics knows what works and doesn’t when it comes to makeup. Having old expired makeup rolling around your bottomless handbag or gym bag just didn’t cut it for her. Looking at what was available in the market she couldn’t find anything tiny… all. Yes, we all get samples when we order certain brands, and oh how we loooooove them….. But you could never buy them until now. Stowaway makes sample size makeup that lasts about three months, has no need for preservatives (yeah) and fits in a teensy bag, plus it’s an awesome selection.

Join me and Julie as she shares her launching story, gives away some big secrets about the amazing customer service they do (and she still participates too) and finally moving into retail in a BIG way.  Stowaway Cosmetics knows makeup and makes it her business to share her knowledge ith you

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More about Julie

Julie Fredrickson is the Co-founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmetics. With a background in e-commerce and digital marketing, Julie has worked in house as a brand managers at Ann Taylor and Equinox and with brands as diverse as Gap, Nike, and Pepsi. As an established entrepreneur—Julie’s first company, Coutorture Media, was a pioneer in the fashion & beauty blogging and affiliate marketing space. Before Stowaway Cosmetics, Julie found herself constantly hoarding sample-sized cosmetics, the perfect fit for her gym bag or carry-on for last-minute getaways. The samples were usually difficult to find, impossible to purchase regularly, and rarely the items she wanted. This led Julie to the realization that the market for right sized makeup that fit into her life wasn’t being met by existing brands. An inveterate optimizer, Julie is always looking for new ways to make her life easier to maintain and uses her knowledge to help Stowaway’s customers face that same problem. She believes beauty should fit into your life, instead of making your life fit your beauty products.



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Written by Sarah Shaw

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