Stephen Key Shares Licensing Secrets

Stephen Key Shares Licensing SecretsIn this podcast, Stephen Key shares licensing secrets that will make you jump on your ideas this week.  His generous spirit and desire to help entrepreneurs succeed is evident. I’ve been a fan of Stephen’s for a long time.  I’ve read his book and tried to license my Handy Hold All several times over….one time successfully!

Stephen is very involved on Capital Hill with the patenting process for aspiring entrepreneurs in hopes of making this process easier.  His latest venture Inventors Group of America links  inventors to groups all over the country for support and help with their inventions.

Stephen shares a few of his start up stories and some amazing stats on revenue you can make by licensing your idea.

Find out more about where Stephen Key shares licensing secrets at Invent Right.

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About Stephen Key

Stephen Key is an award-winning inventor, renowned intellectual property strategist, lifelong entrepreneur, author, speaker, and columnist.

The dozens of concepts he has brought to market have retailed in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and parks worldwide and been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift.

In 1999, he cofounded inventRight to teach others his unique process for harnessing the power of open innovation. Since then, he has helped people from 60 countries license their ideas for new products.

His bestselling book about licensing inventions, One Simple Idea, has been translated into six languages. He writes about bringing products to market weekly for business magazines online including Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

Universities and governmental organizations around the world invite him to teach them about product licensing. In 2017, he cofounded Inventors Groups of America, a not-for-profit, with other leaders in the inventing community. IGA’s purpose is to teach individuals how to best commercialize their product ideas, and strengthen and support inventor groups throughout the nation.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Sarah! I love this one too. Your podcasts are so helpful. I already took one step from this podcast and I asked someone in my nextwork that works for a corp that would potentially carry my product idea. I just asked her if the accept outside Prod Dev submissions!

    I have been wanting to do this and this helped me with the approach. So grateful I found you all those years ago!

  • Sarah and Stephen,
    Excellent interview full of great info!
    And yes, Stephen, we are proud that you represent us walking the halls of Capitol Hill!
    Looking forward to reading your book this week!

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