How to Contact Any Celebrity

How to contact any celebrityProfit From The Power Of Our Celebrity Culture

I am really excited to share this interview I did with Jordan McAuley, Author of Celebrity Leverage.

This man has the 411 on celeb connections galore!

Jordan speaks candidly about how celebs can help your business, how to get to celebrities quickly and how to make the most of it.  He offers insider tips and is very generous with his knowledge.  He is also the owner of Contact Any Celebrity and has a special offer of only $1 for a week trial!

Celebrity Leverage is a great DIY guide for every entrepreneur.

Jordan’s book, Celebrity Leverage is available on his website at Follow him on twitter: @JordanMcauley





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Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Sarah – I am listening right now to your interview with Jordan – and about 10 years ago – when he first started this out – and used his service to do a fundraiser for an Italian Festival in Boston – with Great Success! I sent out our logo t shirts with a letter asking them to autograph them for an auction – and included a postage paid return envelope – I got 75% of the them back, not only autographed but – some also included fun other gifts! Now back to join again to promote my girl bows/headbands! Thank you for the reminder of this Fab service!!!
    Hugs, Therese

  • Hi Sarah!

    Great job with the interview! (Your next career: journalist?) It was very informative, you didn’t hesitate to mention your own experience, the pros and cons of ‘gift bags’ and sending items without knowing who will actually open the Fed Ex. Also, pointing out that perseverance and patience are key as well as researching the target audience as well as the celebrity made a lot of sense.

    Best regards,


  • Xmittens says:

    It’s great that Jordan is sharing his expertise. I listened to the interview as I sewed Xmittens the other day and have not stopped thinking about it! I learned I made a few mistakes already with this (didn’t send photos of celebs in Xmittens soon enough after the American Music Awards), but also that I had done lots of things right! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a GREAT interview. It gives a tiny business owner, like myself, hope that with some perseverance and persistence, the pay off can be BIG! It also helped to open my eyes to the possibilities that are out there for getting my products possibly seen on television. What an inspiration for a small town girl! Thank you so very much!

  • Very interesting interview. I am a very small business, and have not considered celebrity placement until I started reading your emails. You have opened me to a new approach and perspective. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Alma says:

    Very interesting interview! I like the point of taking the assistant in consideration and maybe sending a gift the him/her as well. Also, the pros and cons of the gift suites.
    Thank you!

  • Sarah Shaw says:

    Congratulations to book winners Alma, Nancy and Teri

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