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elizabeth crouch cupcake rackA working mom of 4, and five and half years of development and discovery, Elizabeth Crouch created and patented the Cupcake Rack that she sells in stores and through HSN.  Earning a real Street Smart MBA, Elizabeth shares her story with us today. Pitching the benefits on HSN taught Elizabeth the importance of sharing all this on HSN to get more sales.  Get all her pitching tips right now if you are looking to get on TV.

In the beginning, Elizabeth watched Shark Tank and did a bunch of google research as she was on a super low budget.   Unfortunately, she took a few shortcuts with her patent and it’s not as strong as it could be.

Elizabeth created her Cupcake Rack with the non-baker in mind.  She encourages you to buy cupcakes, and just put them in the rack to create an edible floral arrangement, or easily decorate them yourself for a more personalized version. She uses video demos to show how easy it is to use which is handy for live TV too.

Elizabeth shares how many NO’s she experienced and how to power through that and turn it around into positives in order to move forward instead of wallowing in the rejection.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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