Pink Picasso Shares Shark Tank Surprise

Join me and Ashley as we chat about how she launched Pink Picasso, went on Shark Tank and wait for it…….. check out the surprise. Ashely shares a lot about her start up story, being a stay at home mom with a business, dealing with Covid, shipping delays, product development issues and more.

More about Ashley:Ashley Silfies is the CEO, Co-Owner, and Designer of Pink Picasso and Wear Your Sole.  Ashley’s background in photography and manufacturing allowed her to create a fresh start for her and her family, including her wife and business partner Brittany Silfies.

Over the last three years, this wife team has worked from home while raising three kids and creating multiple consumer brands that their fans love.  Right now, they are ripe for growth and see a bright future of expanding their existing brands.

Ashley and Brittany have won the attention of Oprah’s Favorite Things not once, but twice, and were offered four separate deals by the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank in November 2021.  What comes next is yet to be discovered, but they hope to continue creating what the world needs in order to feel creative and be their own kind of artist.

When they are not taking the entrepreneurship world by storm, Ashley and Brittany enjoy spending time with their family (the kids, the dog, the cats, and the horses) and inventing new and exciting ways to work together doing what they love.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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