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Making it in business isn’t about spreadsheets, this or that. It’s about guts, tenacity and, above all, street smarts.

Join Sarah Shaw as she talks with successful entrepreneurs about all the hard won lessons they’ve learned on the mean streets of the business world. If you’ve ever felt stuck, stifled or even just scared to get out there and make your mark, you’ll learn how even the most successful entrepreneurs overcame failure and found the power to move forward. So forget about learning about business in school, because all you need to make it big is a Street Smart MBA.

Interview with Daymond John Aka “The Shark”

  I am really excited to share this private interview I did with Daymond John, aka “The Shark”.   God this man is smart!! In case you are wondering……..Daymond is the creator of the hugely successful multi-billion dollar men’s line FUBU and the star of Shark Tank – the ABC TV show!!  You know…. the one […]

Interview: Barbara Corcoran star of Shark Tank

I still feel the buzz from just having spoken to Barbara.  I  admire her honesty and passion and think you will feel super inspired after listening.   And for those of you who have a secret desire to audition for Shark Tank, but have been afraid……she really encourages you with an insider tip… that if you […]

Interview: Designer Bonnie Marcus shares how she learned from mistakes

I love talking to other entreprenettes to see what they learned along their path to success.  Most of them have amazing stories to share – both good and traumatic! Bonnie Marcus is a great example of someone who started her stationary business on her dining room table, and has built it into a multimillion dollar […]

Are you meant to be a Corporation or LLC?

Sometimes deciding on your business entity can be really confusing.  I spoke with Deborah Sweeny, CEO of My Corporation who demystifies what the difference is, and why you might choose one or the other.  Check out this awesome interview so you can protect yourself and can make an educated decision when necessary.  I have experience […]

Boost Sales with Trademarks and Copyrights

A client I worked with last year recently contacted me to tell me that someone in her small town was actually copying her product that is patent pending.  After commiserating with her, I remembered this post I did over a year ago on this exact topic.  After revisiting the story, the memories came flooding back […]

Copywriting Secrets to Help You Stand Out

Matthew Goldfarb has the gift of gab and a mind that literally SEES what you want to say, and knows how to translate that into killer copy.  A good copywriter can help you create a sales page, a web page, or a whatever page, that evokes a visual of your product, and strikes an emotional […]

Network Like a Super Star!

My friend Nancy Fox is an incredible networking genius and I asked her to do an interview to teach you some of her awesome techniques so you can be brilliant at it too……and feel comfortable as well.  Does the word NETWORKING make you want to jump out of your skin?  It does for a lot […]

How to Use Social Media to build a Platform

I’m really excited to share this private interview I did with Kathryn Rose of Supreme Social Media. Kathryn demystifies what a “Platform” is and how that relates to your social media presence. She also teaches us how to use social media to get sales and the best ways to maximize your time on social media. […]

Learn How to Turn Content into Currency

I’m really excited to share this private interview I did with Jon Wuebben, author of Content Rich – writing your way to wealth on the web. Jon is an encyclopedia of information about how to use content as currency to boost your SEO and shares many tips and tricks to get google’s attention. Jon is […]

Interview with Peter Shankman

I’m really excited to share this interview I did with Peter Shankman, creator of HARO and master of his own social media empire. This guy is funny and brilliant and has 3 HUGE TV screens to monitor his social media  and news while he works – How HOT is that?? Peter speaks frankly about how […]