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Making it in business isn’t about spreadsheets, this or that. It’s about guts, tenacity and, above all, street smarts.

Join Sarah Shaw as she talks with successful entrepreneurs about all the hard won lessons they’ve learned on the mean streets of the business world. If you’ve ever felt stuck, stifled or even just scared to get out there and make your mark, you’ll learn how even the most successful entrepreneurs overcame failure and found the power to move forward. So forget about learning about business in school, because all you need to make it big is a Street Smart MBA.

Makers Collective helps entrepreneurs grow and prosper

I love Jens desire to help other entrepreneurs grow and prosper. I obviously do too – and if I was independently wealthy, I would probably help people for free. Jen shares how Makers Collective came to be, and how they continue to develop the ability to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses. Jen gives […]

Let’s talk about your vagina, investors and business with Chia Chia Sun

Join me and Chia Chia (pronounced Cha Cha) and learn how she has grown her business Damiva into a fast moving company whose products are sold in most drug stores across Canada, and are launching this spring in the USA in major drug store chains across America.  Chia Chia candidly tells me about getting and […]

Suzy Ekman of Makers Market

What I love about Suzy is her consistent dedication to seeking out and discovering really cool American made products that are made by amazing artisans who use mostly sustainable raw materials.  Suzy is a real go-getter who while rapidly growing her online business by expanding into real stores inside of stores, and a few free-standing […]

Bruce Gifford of 360 Cashmere

Bruce Gifford is a 4th generation apparel designer so he is no stranger to fabrics and textiles. Bruce started importing knitwear from the Far East in the early 1980’s and has made close to 200 trips to Asia since then. Bruce shares his startup story and how he has created and recreated brands over the […]

S.W. Basics founder Adina Grigore

How do you go from making lotions and potions in your kitchen to being on the shelves of Target and Ulta? How do you go from making lotions and potions in your kitchen to being on the shelves of Target and Ulta? A lot of hard work, innovation and elbow grease says Adina Grigore of […]

Julie Fredrickson of Stowaway Cosmetics knows what works when it comes to makeup

 Stowaway Cosmetics knows makeup Julie Fredrickson of Stowaway Cosmetics knows what works and doesn’t when it comes to makeup. Having old expired makeup rolling around your bottomless handbag or gym bag just didn’t cut it for her. Looking at what was available in the market she couldn’t find anything tiny… all. Yes, we all get […]

Meet Fashion Icon Rebecca Minkoff

Join me and Rebecca Minkoff as we chat about her bold move to New York at 18 to become a fashion designer after becoming interested in costume design in high school. Rebecca worked for a fashion house for several years honing her skills and learning the ropes while she tinkered with launching her own brand. […]

Interview with Sarah Buscho of Earth Tu Face

Join Sarah Buscho and I as we dive into her life growing up around herbs and gardens, and how she turned that love into and gorgeous skin care line, Earth Tu Face, a thriving business that gives back. Starting with just an idea, Sarah created an all natural skin care line that has landed her […]

What do you do when your Shark Tank deal falls through?

Henry came up with the idea for Henry’s Humdingers at age 12. Henry and I chat about his appearance on Shark Tank and the deal that was…… and then was not with Mark Cuban.  But that didn’t stop Henry! Henry is in college now and has his folks on board who do most of the […]

Mike Michalowicz shares his secret to being profitable from day one

Want to be profitable from your first day as an entrepreneur? Who doesn’t? Mike says that most companies operate on the “make money take money” theory.  You make money that day and it’s in your bank account, then it’s there to spend. But, and it’s a huge but, did you know that 83% of small […]