Lisa Ascolese shares insider tips on getting on QVC and HSN

sarah shaw interviews lisa ascolese on QVC, HSN, Sales, public relations, hustle, insider tipsLearn from Lisa what it takes to get on QVC or HSN.

Her insider tips will get you to hustle, and show you how sales and public relations can help grow your business.

Join me as Lisa Ascolese and I dive into what it takes to get on QVC, or HSN, and what happens once you get there. Lisa shares some insider tips on how to know if you have a good product for TV, if you should be the on-air spokesperson, how it can elevate your brand and make you famous.

Lisa speaks candidly on what they look for, and not all products are right for TV.  We also cover what you need to do once you get on a major TV network…… and how to hustle your buns.

Lisa, the Inventress loves sharing her inside secrets about inventing and getting products to the retail market and National Television with her clients because the work is fulfilling and rewarding. Through this passion, she is able to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs. The Inventress states, “Pulling each other up two hands at a time is key to building success.” Her client list is very diverse and prolific, and has ranged from celebrities such as Dionne Warwick, to stay at home moms and even large corporations such as Westinghouse Lighting Corp., Sylvania Lighting Co., Amertac, and the list continues to grow.

Lisa always looking for her next bread slicer so if you feel after listening that you have a good product for TV, fill out this form below and Lisa will contact you if she feels it’s a good fit.

Lisa does charge for her services and is offering 20% off to Sarah Shaw listeners!

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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