Interview with Marcus Lemonis Star of The Profit

Marcus Lemonis, The Profit, Sales, marketing, Partnerships

Marcus Lemonis, The Profit, Sales, Marketing, Partnerships

Marcus Lemonis, star of The Profit, talks candidly to me about sales, marketing,  and partnerships.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Marcus Lemonis, star of The Profit and got the skinny on his process.
I seriously wanted to be his friend after we spoke…….. not sure he has time for new friends. :O(.

Marcus reveals how he learns from all his businesses and then can turn around and use that in other businesses to help them grow.

What I love about him is that no matter how wealthy he is, or how successful you may become, he remains grounded and realistic about the ups and down of business and talks about how you may be sweeping the floor one day and flying first class the next.

He also shares his special pricing process and how to price your product for success.  Pricing for profit is one of the key components to running a successful business and Marcus is a master as diving into that when he is in the discovery phase with a new brand.

We dive into the many layers of developing a product and getting it to market. What I love about Marcus is how real he is and how his method works.  He knows when the client is BS’ing him and he goes at it head on to protect himself and his brand, while at the same times, trying to show the client that they are making a terrible mistake that will ruin their business. He does it with a firm hand but there is still a finesse to his process that I admire.

Marcus talks candidly about how he helps his brands create new products and drives that part of the business which can be very intense. At the same time, the pressure to keep the businesses alive, and the stuff he has to endure with some partners can make the path he walks a bit shaky at times.

He is candid and funny…….. I think you’ll want to be his friend after you listen too!


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Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Love him. Love love love the show. It’s like an entrepreneur classroom. Great interview. I believe that I am his biggest fan!
    Thank you!

  • I am from South Africa. I love his show. As a Management Consultant with a passion for turning around failing businesses I resonate with this man and his methods. He is truly a divine intervention.

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