Interview: Barbara Corcoran star of Shark Tank

Barbara CorcoranI still feel the buzz from just having spoken to Barbara.  I  admire her honesty and passion and think you will feel super inspired after listening.   And for those of you who have a secret desire to audition for Shark Tank, but have been afraid……she really encourages you with an insider tip… that if you send in a video of your presentation…… you stand a better chance of being picked out of the over 70,000+ applicants!   Holy Moly…….I am in awe of how many entrepreneurs are out there.

Click here to listen to my lively chat with Barbara. ( I lost her for 30 seconds in the middle so don’t click off!)

Stay in touch with Barbara for some Shark Tank updates and other great advice and quotes.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • awesome interview! so helpful! thanks sarah!

  • kim says:

    Nice work! I love Barbara and Shark Tank.

  • stephanie- says:

    Very cool and fun interview, Sarah! Kudos on arranging it!

  • Serena says:

    This is a amazing interview Sarah! You hit home with some really good questions!

  • Khalilah Cornelius says:

    Great interview Sarah! I watch Shark Tank every Friday.

  • That was amazing Sarah, what a gift! Thank you I owe you again!

  • Nicole says:

    When I click the play button nothing happens. 

  • merle says:

    Great interview thank you!! I made it to round 2 for Season 3, but due to having to go to film, etc and also honestly a little worried about being on TV- I didn’t move forward- UGG Mistake! SO this really helped:)

  • Shokouh says:

    Great interview. Thank you!

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