How to Pitch Magazines with Lauren Parker

How to pitch magazines with Lauren ParkerHow to Pitch Magazines with Lauren Parker. Lauren and I go way way back…… She was an editor when we first met, but she is now Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine which was the first “big” magazine to write about my handbags.  Accessories is a trade magazine meaning tons of cool stores read it, which meant lots of sales for me when it came out. It was very exciting.

Join me and Lauren as we talk about how to pitch editors and what they look for. Lauren shares what not to do and in general, how to be successful at pitching.  She gives all kinds of fabulous tips and shares her thoughts on following up too!  She makes it sounds pretty simple which is encouraging.

How to Pitch Magazines with Lauren Parker

Lauren gives some great advice on how social media and PR are related and how to work social media to your benefit.

We also cover what kind of products the magazine looks for and how she loves to see new things so don’t be afraid to pitch her.


As Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine for over a decade, Lauren Parker has covered fashion accessories both from a retail business perspective and a fashion point of view, interviewing emerging and established designers at studios, showrooms and trade shows around the country and world. She covers Fashion Week and then writes how the accessories industry interprets those trends in trend features and style guides. She loves meeting designers and seeing how their latest offerings capture the current zeitgeist and fit into the entire cultural and social picture.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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