Eyewear that makes a DIFFerence

Chad dime Diff charitable eyewearChad is a go getter that’s for sure creating Eyewear that makes a DIFFerence.  Growing up in the eyewear business, he visited factories around the globe with his father from an early age and got to learn and understand the world of manufacturing.  Chad and his partners started DIFF by selling sunglasses at music festivals to get a sense of their target market before doing the deep dive into creating and manufacturing their own unique brand.

Once they created their own designs, getting products to celebrities and the media was not too difficult and the brand quickly took off. Leveraging the media exposure, they were able to build an online business that has donated over 1 million pair of glasses to those in need.

Giving back has always been at the forefront of the business model.  Chad overseas all of their charitable arms and continues to look for ways to grow their ability to donate.


Chad Dime

DIFF Charitable Eyewear, Co-Founder

Chad Dime’s start in the eyewear industry came by working with his father, where he developed a passion for bringing something new to the current eyewear market. Along with two business partners he co-founded DIFF Charitable Eyewear with hopes of being a global leader in the eyewear industry. I hope that my story inspires other entrepreneurs to lead with integrity, learn and grow from their mistakes, and always strive to do good for others.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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