Dunlop Boots to the Rescue

mary steinebrunner get a streetsmart mbaWhen you think of protective footwear you don’t often think of a woman. At least I don’t.  I think differently now.  Mary Steinebrunner is a woman leader in a man’s world.  She shares her story of working her way up the ladder from Marketing Assistant to General Manager of one of the worlds largest protective boot manufacturers in the world. While it might not seem sexy, Mary manages a large team and works hard to keep up with the latest technology in protective footwear to keep feet safe.

Nicknamed “Wellies”, I often think of the English when I hear this word as it is derived from the name of the boots worn by the British Aristocracy back in the early 19th century.  Dunlop has certainly developed the “Wellie” beyond any 19th century boot makers  wildest dreams.

Dunlop has generously offered a 15% discount on boots to you listeners!  Use code SarahShaw15 at checkout.

More about Mary

Mary Steinebrunner, General Manager of Dunlop Protective Footwear -USA Division, has a strong background in Marketing and Business Development with a track record of solid leadership and successful business planning.

 Mary became the General Manager  when the company was acquired in May 2016.  She has been part of the organization since April 2000, where she began as a Marketing Assistant and grew alongside her team into the current role as General Manager, while navigating three ownership changes in the past five years.  

 She is committed to building strong teams and enhancing independent leadership within company and community.  In addition to the pledge to her Dunlop family, Mary has worked with local Women’s initiatives to support domestic abuse victims, helping to rebuild their confidence, and their lives.

 Mary holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and Marketing Strategy Certificate from Cornell University.

 Mary has a strong belief in workplace diversity and supports training, education, and empowerment initiatives as key criteria to greater personal and business achievement.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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