From Drug Addiction to Saving Lives

From Drug Addiction to Saving LivesFrom drug addiction to saving lives, Lisa dives in and tells it like it is.  She got hooked on Oxy and that lead to many years as a heroin addict.  Couch surfing, bar tending and on the verge of becoming a hooker, Lisa had her Ah-Ha moment and decided to change her life for good and checked into her 5th rehab.  But this time was different, she made the choice on her own instead of her parents making it for her.   After kicking the addiction and wanting to make something of her life and use her experiences to help others change their lives, she started Path to Serenity.

Drawing on her own experiences, Lisa has been successful in helping other addicts kick the habit, go on to lead successful lives and in the process become an entrepreneur.

We talk about how overcoming addiction and the tools you learn to cope are very similar to being an entrepreneur and being able to pivot and move through growing pains to adapt.

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From Drug Addiction to Saving Lives

Lisa Cohen is the Co-Founder and Admissions Coordinator for Path to Serenity Treatment Centers. Lisa is in the process of obtaining certification as a drug and alcohol counselor. Lisa graduated from the University of Arizona where she majored in Media Arts. She is currently in recovery and has a strong interest in sharing her experience, strength, and hope with others who are recovering.

Lisa has been an important resource at Path to Serenity offering her valuable perspective having gone through the recovery process herself and successfully continuing to stay on track. Lending her voice to a KTLA investigative report on drug abuse, Lisa explained during her interview how addiction can happen to anyone, and that there is help out there. As the admissions Coordinator at Path to Serenity, Lisa welcomes those seeking help in beating addiction.

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