Copywriting Secrets to Help You Stand Out

Matthew Goldfarb has the gift of gab and a mind that literally SEES what you want to say, and knows how to translate that into killer copy.  A good copywriter can help you create a sales page, a web page, or a whatever page, that evokes a visual of your product, and strikes an emotional cord with the reader to draw them into your world. Matthew gives some great advice in this interview and has generously offered to give you each a free a copy of his “5 Secrets to help you Stand out from the Corporate Schlock”. PLUS – he is offering a free 20 minute conversation or review of your writing to help you improve your copy writing!  After talking to him you may just decide to hire him!

Hope you enjoy this interview and take advantage of Matthew’s generous offer.

After reading his 5 Secrets, I felt rather liberated in my writing.  What really stuck with me was the tips on how to write from the heart and how important that is for your brand.  Of course this is something I know and teach to my clients, but sometimes someone needs to say it a certain way to you before it sinks in and you can apply it to your own work……..anyhow…….it sunk in –  so Thank You Matthew!

CLICK HERE to link to his page and collect your 5 Secrets and connect with him to receive your 20 minute consult.

In 2009, Matthew opened Corporate Renegade Copy, a 1-man copy shop dedicated to taking the skills he honed in corporate America, and sharing them with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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