Interview: Designer Bonnie Marcus shares how she learned from mistakes

I love talking to other entreprenettes to see what they learned along their path to success.  Most of them have amazing stories to share – both good and traumatic! Bonnie Marcus is a great example of someone who started her stationary business on her dining room table, and has built it into a multimillion dollar business over the past 15 years.  She insists that her mistakes were her greatest learning tools and that she wouldn’t have done it any other way……well maybe a few things.

Bonnie has a huge celebrity following and has met (and been photographed with) famous women like Martha Stewart and Hillary Clinton and cool dudes like Clint Eastwood!  She has been in countless magazines, is in over 1000 stores at any given time and is mom to 3 boys!!  She is a rock star.

Click to listen to Bonnie’s story and learn how she built her empire.

Bonnie has generously offered a 15% discount to all Entreprenettes out there.  Use  bon15 to get your discount at checkout.

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Heather says:

    This interview was was completely invaluable for me. Just getting started in the same industry, Bonnie gave me quite a few useful insights and expertise. Thank you Sarah and a big thank you to Bonnie!

  • kylie says:

    hi sarah

    Just wondering if this link still works?? I'm having trouble accessing this recording and I would absolutely love to hear Bonnie's journey

    warm regards


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