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Making it in business isn’t about spreadsheets, this or that. It’s about guts, tenacity and, above all, street smarts.

Join Sarah Shaw as she talks with successful entrepreneurs about all the hard won lessons they’ve learned on the mean streets of the business world. If you’ve ever felt stuck, stifled or even just scared to get out there and make your mark, you’ll learn how even the most successful entrepreneurs overcame failure and found the power to move forward. So forget about learning about business in school, because all you need to make it big is a Street Smart MBA.

Banana Loca’s Shark Tank Story

When I saw Banana Loca on Shark Tank I knew they were a winning team. What peeked my interest was how they LOVED to visit inventor shows together and look at new creative ideas. I mean who does that right? Well luckily they did as it helped them realize their awesome invention of the the […]

Pink Picasso Shares Shark Tank Surprise

Join me and Ashley as we chat about how she launched Pink Picasso, went on Shark Tank and wait for it…….. check out the surprise. Ashely shares a lot about her start up story, being a stay at home mom with a business, dealing with Covid, shipping delays, product development issues and more. More about […]

Pooch Paper is saving the Planet

Do you have a dog? Wonder how long it takes for that poop bag to biodegrade? Like 500 years! Well I had NO idea until I met Tracey who created Pooch Paper, the first biodegradable doggie pooper scooper. Tracey is slowly changing the world, one poop at a time. Yep I said it again. Dive […]

Working with Instagram Influencers

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mae Karwowski, the founder and CEO of, a leading global influencer-marketing agency and technology platform. Mae shares some amazing tips on working with influencers and how you can forge relationships to build your brand.   She shares how to vet the instagram influencers and how to gage their […]

Scary Mommy’s Jill Smokler

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Scary Mommy blog. It started right around when my twins were born, and helped me realize that I was doing things pretty well and that I probably wasn’t going to totally screw up my children. Whew. It was a place I could go to read about other […]

Dunlop Boots to the Rescue

When you think of protective footwear you don’t often think of a woman. At least I don’t.  I think differently now.  Mary Steinebrunner is a woman leader in a man’s world.  She shares her story of working her way up the ladder from Marketing Assistant to General Manager of one of the worlds largest protective […]

Celsius Fitness Drink: How Influencers Speak for You

Catching up with John Fieldly, CEO of Celsius Fitness Drinks was a treat. John is a financial guru who knows how to sell products.   Using influencer strategies, social media, and satisfied customers, they have built a loyal following of consumers who have become natural ambassadors of Celsius.  Keeping the consumer happy is their key to […]

Dial for Dollars: Websites vs. Apps.

Lisa Ascoles, The Inventress, and I talk about the differences between a Website based business versus an App only business. Which is better and why, how social media plays into that and how to run a successful product based company in todays world.

Eyewear that makes a DIFFerence

Chad is a go getter that’s for sure creating Eyewear that makes a DIFFerence.  Growing up in the eyewear business, he visited factories around the globe with his father from an early age and got to learn and understand the world of manufacturing.  Chad and his partners started DIFF by selling sunglasses at music festivals […]

Dial for Dollars: How to bring in more sales by expanding on your idea

Join me and Lisa Ascolese,The Inventress for an enlightening episode on how to think more broadly about your product line so that you can get into more stores and more magazines.  In this episode we share ideas on how to think differently about your line.  For example, if you make a skincare line and have […]