No Tradeshow = Big Benefits

Following tradeshow dates is the best way to know when your buyers are buying! 
I can pretty much guarantee (99%) that they are following tradeshow dates and they want to see what you have to offer too, even if you are not going to a show. To be successful in your business, and be selling when buyers are buying, you need to be ready to roll out your collection a bit ahead of the tradeshow dates.
You essentially need to get all your new details to them at least 2 weeks prior to the show start date. Many buyers will ask to see your catalog (or line sheet) as soon as possible and will weigh your stuff against other things they see at the show.
Your job is to try to get the order before they go to the show, and if not, then to stay on top of them during and after the show.
When I was first selling my Handy Hold All® and not attending any tradeshows, I used this technique and sold $500,000 in my first two years in business!
Love to know if you try this and how it works for you. Tradeshow season is rapidly approaching for everyone who has a product……. Get ready for Christmas in July!
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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Thanks again Sarah for all these tips! My notes are pumping me up with confidence 🙂

  • Liz says:

    Do you happen to have an infographic or calendar of the trade show dates or when buyers typically start looking for products for a specific season? Love your site!

  • Amy says:

    Hey Sarah! One thing I’m wondering is what the typical delivery windows are/schedules for payment etc.? Ie. My product fits in with the NYGF which is mid August this year…

    • Sarah Shaw says:

      Amy – try to get a credit card and if they want Net 30 terms, do a credit check to see what their payment history is from other vendors they work with.

  • tiffany says:

    Hi Sarah

    How do you reach to/get in touch of the potential buyers at all without exposing yourself at tradeshows??

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