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Even stores are reinventing themselves these days; getting face lifts, makeovers and doing whatever they can do attract new customers and revive old ones.  Anthropology has always seemed like a store that can withstand anything to me.  They have such an eclectic array of merchandise, that it has always felt like there is bound to be something for everyone…….not every store can give off that feeling in my opinion. I sort of have a soft spot for them since they were the first big store to order my handbag line back when they only had 14 stores……now they have more than 32 stores nationally. I love how they take vintage clothes, accessories or even home items and recreate them with a modern twist to they are marketable in today's world.  They KNOW their target market and it is clear when you walk into their store –  everything has it's place.  the merchandising is extremely well thought out and is apparent throughout the store with colors, textures and styles melding together to appeal to the eye.

What are you doing to reinvent yourself or attract new customers?
Have you thought about how to revive an old product?
Give new purpose to something you already sell?
Teach your customers a new way to use your product?
Have you remerchandised your website?

Let me know what you are doing……….

I came across this article a couple months ago and wanted to share it with you.  Anthropology has launched a Shoes & Accessories store next to one of their better store locations. I love how even the brands we might feel are invincible, reinvent themselves too!

Read the article here: WWD 10-18-10 Anthropologie to Open Accessories.

Shoes and Accessories Boutique
Shops at Wisconsin Place,
5402-C Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-3570
(301) 652 – 1056

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Thanks for providing the incentive to reconfigure.
    I took you up on it and have made some additions/changes. It can only help.

  • New photographs always help, seasonal touches also!

  • Tks Sarah as usual giving good ideas.
    I also want to point out that I really like the fact that your e-mail marketing is so to the point and simple.
    Most e-mail marketing nowadays, I feel bombarded with colors and information. Pretty overwhelming.
    I do feel like reading what you want to say. Please keep it that way….

  • I recently re-vamped my blog. I’m now focused on bringing value to my brand & customers and telling my story, instead of focusing on items that I sew (which I now do solely on my FB page). I am also working on rewriting my product descriptions to tell the story behind the materials.

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