Making the Most of a POP UP EVENT

If you want to get your product into one of the most desirable stores on your dream list, then you must prove yourself by doing a killer pop up event. 

Pop Ups are the perfect way to demonstrate the value and demand of your products, as well as test out the market in a specific location. The key to success is to get as many people as possible involved attending, and in promoting it.

First, ask your own customers for help. Email them all the specifics, and ask them to attend, or forward the email to a friend in the area. When I did pop ups in New York at Bendels and Bloomingdales, to prove myself worthy, I could get around 50 people there from my list just by promoting it to death….. Meaning lots of emails.

Posting about the event on social media, sending out emails, and running ads can significantly increase awareness and attendance at your Pop up.

Then, if you are really going for it, reach out to other stores on the same block and ask them to email their customers and post about the event in their store window.

Be Prepared!

Once you’ve promoted the event, make sure you’re prepared for what’s ahead. Be sure to bring enough product with you, have staff available to help customers, and clearly display all information about your products. Have a plan for follow-up with customers too – either by email or phone – so that you can continue building relationships with them long after the event has ended. Having a QR code they can scan to get on your mailing list is a great way to stay connected.

Involving influencers is another great way to help promote your pop up. Consider offering discounts or exclusive items just for influencers who attend and spread the word about your event before it starts. This will certainly draw more people in, and also create a buzz around your product that other boutique buyers may be interested in hearing about.


Document it all

Finally, document everything! Take pictures of customers interacting with your products – especially if they purchased something – and post it on social media or on your website after the event has ended. Your potential buyers will want proof that your product is actually selling in stores before they decide to invest in it, so having photos from successful past events can be an effective way of demonstrating that success.

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Written by Sarah Shaw

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