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I imagine you are starting to think about January and might be tossing around ideas for your marketing plan for spring. When creating marketing campaigns to send to buyers, simple and colorful gets the best response in my opinion.  I find that a simple 3 image campaign usually works best and gives buyers a quick reference to your line.   Here are some quick tips and a sample to get your ideas flowing.
How to lay out an email that will get higher open rates:
  1. Subject line: Find something creative to get them to click
  2. Short intro: see examples below – KIS
  3. Offer three image options – be sure the images are linked to your site
  4. Embed your pdf catalog and order form
  5. Make it easy to find your contact info – best at bottom
  6. Turn on “Forward to a friend”
  7. Always select “yes” for tracking links
  8. When you have Celebs or other great press or news, add that to the top header.
  9. Send emails around 11 am EST on Tues, Wed or Thurs only
  10. Offer an incentive – buyers love incentives.  Could be free shipping, or 15% off ….

Love to see yours…….post it on my Facebook page so I can help you with ideas!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • Thank you for these 10 suggestions for a higher opening rate. I especially like #9 as I have not heard this before and will use this when sending my next newsletter

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