Launching a business and running one are more like a child’s life than you think.

b11932I learn so much watching my twins explore life. I got to thinking today as I watched Maddie pouring water down her arm over and over again today while playing in the pool, and how she marveled each time as it poured down under her arm like it was the very first time.  I started to question where that feeling of discovery and wonder goes as we get older.

How do we get back to that marveling phase?
How do we get back that feeling of experiencing something for the first time?
Is it even possible?

Children are so happy-go-lucky.  They don’t have an agenda.  Children are as honest as it gets. They just do as they feel inclined when the feeling hits them; run, jump, laugh, dance, cry, play, take, give, and kiss.  Their inhibitions are their greatest asset and they don’t even know it.  Children see the world in all of its glory and splendor.

As adults we are so overwhelmed with “adult responsibilities” that we mostly forget to wonder.  Life just happens around us and we get caught up in our daily routine, our jobs, and our families.  We don’t often let go and just start dancing when we feel like it, run around laughing, throw a fit, or just cry.

Launching a business and running one are more like a child’s life than you think.

  • You are constantly worrying about the business and if you are doing things correctly.
  • You have a HUGE to do list.
  • You gave up honesty to create a story about yourself that sounds more interesting to the press and general public.
  • Often you are experiencing something for the first time, but being a jaded adult, you are probably finding it annoying and just want to get through it.
  • There are many reasons to jump for joy, laugh, and dance but you are probably so fixated on the next task that you just smile for a second and move on.
  • We all know there are many opportunities to cry but usually it involves your manufacturer and you can’t let him see you cry or you might appear weak.
  • You do take and give, but as a grownup it’s elevated to the status of advice and since you always take it, you aren’t sure any more what you give besides dinner.
  • You still want to kiss but you’re working so hard your love life is suffering.

This week is about finding and rekindling the joy in your business.  Let’s get back to the wonder in our lives and try to look with fresh eyes at the tasks at hand.

  • Try to notice and celebrate the good things that happen to you this week.
  • They may not even be work related, just try to be receptive to what it feels like to accept the feeling of celebration.
  • They may be small like a lovely email or a call from a friend.
  • Or big like a lead on a sample maker or that you received a grant.
  • All are reasons to celebrate.
  • Try to make friends with the disappointments as well.
  • You didn’t close the sale but you are going to implement some of Cindy’s techniques from Own the Room and try again.
  • Your sample didn’t come out as well as you hoped, but it sparked a new idea.

These too are cause for celebration.  Think of disappointments as an opportunity to learn and improve your skills.  I have learned all my most savvy secrets from my mistakes along the way.
Have fun celebrating,

When in doubt, take the next step,


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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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