Is There an Internetsphere?

b11697All this thinking about how far I have come in my “internetsphere” (did I just create a new word?) has of course made me dive further into it all.

I don’t know if many of you are aware of the new fangled “Launch” that is all the rage now in getting customers to purchase from you on-line by creating the KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST factor.  In other words, they need to know who you are, like you, and trust you before they will purchase from you.  When you think about it, it totally makes sense.

I am actually in the middle of one of these launches right now with my accessory company Simply Sarah.  These launches involve a lot of psychology and marketing expertise, and to be honest, I have someone assisting me in all this as I am still learning.  All I know is that I have learned so much MORE about my customers from simply asking them questions!  Who knew right?

I never thought about asking my customers questions to find out useful information about them! It really just never occurred to me……. and now that I have, I can honestly say that I know (in all certainly) that I am giving them some special deals they really desire, and will purchase.

If you want to get to know your customers better – kick out a great survey and see what comes back to you…………you might be pleasantly surprised!

The whole idea is to survey your customers to find out what they want and the give it to them.   The questions you want to ask them are these two.  You can reword them to fit your product line.

a. What’s your biggest obstacle/frustration in BLANK right now?

b. If you could ask me any question about BLANK, what would it be?

If you do throw a survey at them, let me know how it turns out.

This Know, Like, and Trust Factor is also why I have been pushing you so much with your social media outlets.  You all know by now that I am super into all the FREE stuff that is available on line now……..use it or loose it!

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