Is a patent really worth it?

Have you ever had some incredible idea and wondered if you should patent it?  Most people have at some point in their life.  Have you ever seen a bronze plaque of a patent on someones wall and thought it was cool?  I know I have! But the real deal is a plain piece of paper with your patent info…….not a plaque.  Boo Hoo!

I have a design patent and let me tell you – it isn’t all roses all the time.  Yes, I was very fortunate for the first few years until someone started to infringe…….boy was I hopping mad.  After many lawyer letters back and forth and several thousands of dollars, I really got nowhere.  This company was a shell and we could never find a real person to actually bring a suit against so we gave up after a year or two.   Then suddenly, they disappeared for a while (I thought they’d given up and I’d won!) then resurfaced about a year later with a PATENT over my patent!!  After crying to my attorney – there really wasn’t anything to do any more.  Fortunately they sell to a totally different market and don’t seem to be taking away any of my market share – but it is still annoying.  My experts below share a few of their tips for those of you considering a patent.

Hope this helps you make a decision!

Tyes By Tara is an award-winning brand that designs jewelry, accessories, intimates and bridal gifts to celebrate femininity. Established in 2010, Tyes By Tara aims to help women feel feminine, confident and independent with our exclusive designs, giftable packaging and handcrafted quality. Seen on celebrities like Christina Milian, KiKi West and Annalee Belle, our collections aim to reimagine accessorizing with elegance, beauty and femininity. Wholesale price points range from $6-$14.
Vendor Contact: Tara Stravinsky of Tyes By Tara | Phone: 3039419117 | Email:

daph. is a St. Louis-based fashion and lifestyle brand for women that features handmade clothing, handbags and accessories inspired by the unique artistry, craftsmanship and materials of Peru. Designed by Peru native and St. Louisan Daphne Benzaquen, our handbags and clothing are created to be timeless and standout pieces, providing high-quality elegance and versatility at an approachable price point, $45- $320. You can find our line sheet here:
Vendor Contact: Daphne Benzaquen of daph. | Phone: 3145805475 | Email:

SUSU Accessories is a Fair Trade brand of handbags and accessories whose roots are buried deeply in the ancestral art of the indigenous Wayúu, in Colombia. SUSU bags are the union of avant garde design from SUSU and Wayúu tradition. Our bags are handmade by expert knitters, taking up to 40 hours of work. SUSU bags are versatile, chic and original; a form of wearable art. Retail PR $99 - $390 SS2020
Vendor Contact: LAURA MCMAHON of SUSU Accessories | Phone: 7735566440 | Email:

Flat Belt, No Bulk. Fashion Solution Accessory. Perfect for all shapes and sizes. Are you frustrated with constantly tugging and pulling at your pants after they've stretch out or that annoying belt bulk ruining the look of your outfit? Introducing isABelt ... solves the dreaded Belt Bulk, Back Gap, Slippage and more. Retail pricing $21.95-$26.95
Vendor Contact: Leslie Wilkins of isABelt Ltd. | Phone: 9147605239 | Email:

Handmade American Luggage: Exceptionally crafted in small batches with the finest materials and uncompromising attention to detail. We’re committed to classic construction techniques and high-performance materials that stand the test of time. Each bag is crafted in hundreds of handmade steps using the highest quality traditional American material materials. Price range: $59-$725 Linesheet:
Vendor Contact: Silvia Nikolov of Clark & Taft Crafting Company | Phone: 5129199565 | Email:

The LuLuwrap is a versatile, silk chiffon scarf-wrap that can be worn 12 different ways. It features our original fabric designs and an innovative way to creatively change your look by adjusting the bespoke buttons. It can be worn over a swimsuit or paired with leggings and capris, as well as shorts and t-shirts, jeans, or that perfect LBD, to create sensational looks to suit your mood. Line sheet:
Vendor Contact: Linda Mason of LuLuBdesign | Phone: 3238990383 | Email:

Contorno Belts is an accessories collection designed to encourage women to express their personal sense of style. Featuring beautifully crafted leather belts and fashion-forward buckles, the collection is thoughtfully designed to give women the confidence to look and feel their absolute best. (Product shots and studio photos available).
Vendor Contact: Andrea Herrmann of Contorno Belts | Phone: 3057948355 | Email:

Bangle & Babe is a functional accessory that will keep you stylish and organized. Designed to be flexible and effortlessly slip into your pocket or bag and easily fit over your hand. This wrist worn key ring is perfect for the person-on-the go, you’ll spot your keys easily at the bottom of your bag. Add your keys, dog walking supplies, clutch or anything you want to keep close but don’t want taking up valuable real estate (you’ll still be able to carry that coffee).
Vendor Contact: Ashley Seahorn of Bangle & Babe | Phone: 3612057990 | Email:

Whether it’s a romantic weekend away, a staycation or an overnight work trip, SOJOURNE (pronounced soh-jurn) is designed for the fashion-forward traveller who wants a travel accessory as stylish as they are. Taking our cue from luxury brands, this collection of travel pieces is bringing affordable luxury to mass consumers – because we all deserve to feel like an A-lister, even just for a weekend. RRP $69-$189. Designed in Australia
Vendor Contact: Chelsea Carey of SOJOURNE LUGGAGE | Phone: 863 266 3664 | Email:

Our Olivia Bag is daint, delicate and handcrafted in the USA. It is adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystal in tiffany settings sure to catch attention from across the room. Wear it four ways as a shoulder bag, as a Crossbody bag, as an adjustable waist / belt bag or an evening clutch. The interior of the bag is made of suede and has a slip pocket and is just the right bag that goes from day to night. It's price ranges from $278-$338
Vendor Contact: Nina Knight | Email:

DéjàU Eyeglass Chains are the most stylish, comfortable and convenient eyeglass chains a person will ever wear. The unique style makes the eyeglass chain look like your wearing earrings when you have your sunglasses or glasses on. The fabric neck line makes it comfortable to wear on your skin. And the convenience of DéjàU Eyeglass Chains is being able to have your sunglasses or eyeglass at hands reach at all times. DéjàU Where Fashion Meets Convenience.
Vendor Contact: Rose Townsend of DéjàU Eyeglass Chains | Phone: 443-531-8050 | Email:

Fun and funky jewelry/accessory line combining old and new, Texan and international influences, with a dash of sass. Hand crafted and curated by artist Beth Smajstrla.
Vendor Contact: Beth Smajstrla of Beth’s Addiction | Phone: 214/802-6212 | Email:

"Jewelry is a way that we decorate our personality. I put a lot of love into each piece I design. It’s very important to me that this piece is in your collection for years to come." Lisa Beth, Designer. LDE Afffinity Jewelry is about all Handcrafted unique genuine Gemstone Jewelry. Including Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Anklets and Introducing Gemstone Pet Charms and Gemstone Eyewear Keepers!
Vendor Contact: Erik Goodrich of Lde Affinity Jewelry | Phone: 8023385915 | Email:

MARCO BAGA is a sustainable accessory brand based out of Brooklyn, New York. Each one of our products is crafted by hand. Our leather and suede carefully chosen, each bag thoroughly stitched, our ideas nourished and brought to life. We are always about fresh exclusive designs for sophisticated customers while maintaining ethical business practices: Zero-waste,Cautious sourcing and production, and Giving back.
Vendor Contact: Marina Gil-Lemesheva of MARCO BAGA | Phone: 6316919887 | Email:

My natural fabric lines of luxury accessories include cashmere and Italian silk scarves and kimono/cover ups. These items are in stock now Obscura™ by Julie Gardner is the projection of photographic art images and scenes onto exquisite natural fiber fabrics, worn by a living, walking art gallery. By using Natural fiber fabrics only I am creating luxury items that are non toxic for the environment and the wearers skin. Dress in love with Nature.
Vendor Contact: Julie Gardner of Obscura Arts LLC | Phone: 3107353198 | Email:

Purchasing a LIFE Bag is the first step to immerse into our world. We want to make a huge impact not only in the lives of children living in poverty but in your LIFE. Every time you carry your bag, you will be reminded of the connection just created. Our pictures are of the very children that we giveback, too. They will now be a part of you!Our founder, Sheila, personally delivers backpacks to the community in India where her family is from. She visits the schools to distribute backpacks.
Vendor Contact: SHEILA PATEL of The LIFE Bags CO | Phone: 3128418039 | Email:

The Mine Company recently launched the Crystal Clear Carats On-The-Go Jewelry Cleaner Pen. Crystal Clear Carats is the best-kept secret to radiant jewelry. Each pen has a brush applicator & contains a natural cleaning formula to remove dust, oils, lotions, & makeup from jewelry surfaces. This pen is best for daily use in order to remove bacteria more often from your favorite jewelry. Works on diamonds, gemstones, antique jewelry, & fashion jewelry. Good for up to 200 applications. Made in USA.
Vendor Contact: Kerry ODonoghue of The Mine Company | Phone: 6507872391 | Email:

Our Mission: TO ADVANCE THE MEETING OF FINE ART AND COUTURE FASHION IN A LINE OF ORIGINAL HAND PAINTED WEARABLE ARTWORKS THAT CAN GO FROM WALL TO TO WARDROBE. Each dress, handbag, and bow tie is made from artist canvas and individually hand painted. Dresses are customized to the client, where the handbags and bow ties are one size.
Vendor Contact: Kristen Alyce of VIVRE Couture | Phone: 2019190388 | Email:

Cuckoo B is a Seattle-based accessories label that explores how global artisanship can be re-contextualized and valued through the partnership of tradition and sophisticated design. Our edgy and feminine designs are handmade by our artisans from all over the world. We've been featured in Vogue, Elle, L'Officiel and CN Traveler, and worn by influencers like Miranda Makaroff, Marta Lozano, Liz Uy and Bettina Looney. Linesheets: Price range: $40-$325
Vendor Contact: Jesu Silva of Cuckoo B | Phone: +1 (617) 388 1965 | Email:

Vegan leather bags by White Rhino. Unique, ethical, designer bags, accessories & gifts. Sustainable and cruelty free
Vendor Contact: Claire Carreras of White Rhino | Phone: 7372027110 | Email:

Every chic wardrobe needs a structured statement bag. My collection features classic handbag designs reimagined in bold colors. Each includes the signature pointed clasp, sleek Nappa leather, and a microsuede interior. $125-$155
Vendor Contact: Tara Eggenspiller of Angela Mariah Handbags | Phone: 5023034713 | Email:

OKETŠA (O-Ke-Cha) is a fashion brand that was born in South Africa and bred in New York. The brand is a visual expression of Africa, its rich diverse culture, combining indigenous iconography with modern attributes. While an African spirit forms the core of the brand, OKETŠA embodies all that is local and global about Africa, with a brand identity that strives to evoke the beauty that often evolves from cross-cultural expression.
Vendor Contact: Thulare Monareng of OKETŠA | Phone: 3472063258 | Email:

Gypsies and Debutantes is a hand bag and Jewelry line made from ethically sourced textiles. All our jewelry is hand woven by Maya women is Guatemala and all gold plated hardware and crystals are hand laid in house. Our best jewelry sellers are our embellished friendship cuff and bracelets WS is $20 and $40. These have been worn by many celebrities and have been featured in dozens of magazines. Our best selling bags have been our overnighters( WS $168) and wristlets (WS is $24).
Vendor Contact: Lana Soussan of Gypsies and Debutantes | Phone: 617-953-4141 | Email:

Children's clothing and accessories
Vendor Contact: Crystal Nephew of CROWNED KIDZ INC | Phone: 7745357506 | Email:

Arra by Aradhana captures elegance that women in my life radiate. It aims to bring to life the creative side of every woman who wishes to create her unique style. Our designs will make you feel confident, beautiful and more yourself than ever. Jewelry is and always has been all about personality and that is at the center of Arra by Aradhana’s mission. We let you paint out your personality to the world with our handpicked semiprecious stones and artistic designs.
Vendor Contact: Aradhana sangwan of Arra | Phone: +918800475787 | Email:

Modern fine jewelry for everyday luxury featuring our best selling gemstone ear jackets. Beautiful gold chain, gemstones and pearls add just the right amount of bling at a modest price point for every good girl to indulge in!
Vendor Contact: Johanna Ely of Good Girls Studio | Phone: 9196690561 | Email:

Our handcrafted plaid scarves can't be found anywhere else! Combining plaid with a chunky hand-knit scarf makes for a coveted fall and winter item. Many colors are limited in quantity. Handmade, superior quality, limited pieces lend to a feeling of exclusivity. As such, my workmanship is meticulous and considered "slow fashion". My supplies are sourced from independent yarn manufacturers or ones that are ethical in their production. Item #plaid $30 wholesale MOQ 5
Vendor Contact: Joede Brown of Black Pearl Creations | Phone: 6032647730 | Email:

Many types of clothing feature an invisible zipper that is almost impossible to zip up or down on your own. After searching for a solution, I could only find pullers with a hook, which were not compatible with the zippers on all of my dresses. zip my dress® is designed to help women feel independent and even safe when alone or during their travels. No more asking for assistance when zipping that dress alone. zip my dress® allows you to take care of you, without asking for help.
Vendor Contact: Peter Bresnahan of zip my dress® | Phone: 9784630154 | Email:

TILLIE + CO. is a captivatingly chic and modern jewelry lifestyle brand for the stylish woman who likes to chart her own unique course. The TILLIE customer sets trends, rather than follows them. Launched recently for wholesale, the brand has been the Bestseller for 15 years at Calypso Cottage the designers luxury coastal lifestyle store on the southern Outer Banks of NC. Unique designs, well priced and fashioned of 22 karat gold plating. Perfect for celebrating life's events, or to gift.
Vendor Contact: Stacie Meislohn of Tillie + Co | Phone: 252-646-0642 | Email:

Africa On My Back is a socially conscious fashion brand that provides study abroad opportunities for Brilliant Black Boys while simultaneously supporting small businesses in Ghana through the sale of handcrafted, African-print backpacks. Our colorful and unique products are made for toddlers, kids, and adults.
Vendor Contact: Shannette Prince of Africa On My Back | Phone: 8327522667 | Email:

Wren & Roch is a fashion label made in NYC, designed for the fearless by the fearless. In 2015, we began a mission to shift fashion culture toward one of equity, strength and courage, based on the personal experiences of our founders. We continue to build our community by sharing stories of overcoming fear, trauma and hardships, to inspire others through fashion. We fully embody our #CarryYourCourage message and encourage others to do the same.
Vendor Contact: Karen Hansen of Wren & Roch | Phone: 5616208185 | Email:

Sterling silver & Semi-precious gemstone inspiration. I am a NY artist & designer, have sold to many majors,boutiques,catalogs. Chrome Diopside crystal is used in these pieces due to its healing properties to help the earth.All my pieces are made to enhance intention and healing. The charms were all made by hand & cast, each design is hand assembled. The wholesale pricing starts at 18 ranging up to 40 for the bead bracelet.Drop shipping can be easily done, other designs available too! THX!
Vendor Contact: georgianna koulianos of GK Designs | Phone: 9148376734 | Email:

Rising Greek designer Myrto Arvaniti creates versatile handcrafted Accessories inspired by the Greek landscape. (Repped in the U.S. by THE ELYSIANS.) Prices range from $10-$30 Burlap linen envelope purse w/beechwood handle & trim in navy, black, olive, gold (8x11.5) Cotton zip clutch in Herringbone/solid w/leather strap (9.5x7.5) Lightweight Cotton 2-tone Shoulder bag (herringbone, check) w/leather handles Textured Cotton handbag w/burlap linen handles (23x14) Cotton scarf w/fringe (37x74)
Vendor Contact: Vicki Vasilopoulos of The Elysians | Phone: 917-282-2199 | Email:

MILLIANNA is fashion-forward, sexy jewelry handmade by artisans in the U.S! Innovation is a hallmark of MILLIANNA design, and our unique python skin magnetic clasp was patented in 2016. Many artisans who work with MILLIANNA are women who arrived in Spokane with the World Relief Organization, and to whom we offer training classes. MILLIANNA is proud to support this organization as it resettles refugees escaping persecution in their homelands.
Vendor Contact: Arianna Brooke of MILLIANNA | Phone: 4155058507 | Email:

O Loves M bags are handmade in Colorado using new yoga mats that we repurpose into bags. We use USA made fabrics and our bags are Eco Friendly and have a great story.
Vendor Contact: merle obrien of | Phone: 9709258516 | Email:

Marinia handcrafted necklaces feature an eye-catching combination of leather details and fine materials with a blend of metallic silver, gold and bronze tones. Rhinestones and decorative metal elements are carefully chosen to accentuate the urban chic style. Marinia necklaces are very lightweight and easy to match with your wardrobe. Wholesale price range: $55 - $95 Wholesale price for all Marinia necklaces is 50% of the retail price listed on the online store.
Vendor Contact: Ksenija Kojic of Marinia Fashion | Phone: (617) 894 3177 | Email:

The DNA of the brand is far beyond just a jewellery label, it has become a way of being: bubbly, sweet and cheerful. The designer, Ana Ledermann makes sure that each piece fuse style and sentiment while remaining effortlessly cool creating jewellery with a soul that speaks for itself when worn.
Vendor Contact: Ana Ledermann of Bombom Bijoux | Phone: +41 76 317 87 44 | Email:

Hello, I'm sending a warm hello and reaching out to introduce my company, Cassiano Designs. I design and handcraft jewelry for women who love classic fashions. My designs are attractively priced, simple and timeless. Most designs are made with .925 Sterling Silver. I also love mixed-metal styles, incorporating gold fill and gold vermeil. I would love to chat about the possibility of a wholesale collaboration. Thank you in advance for your consideration! Best, ~Janelle
Vendor Contact: Janelle Cassiano of Cassiano Designs | Phone: 951-440-3064 | Email:

Zahnenden handbags are versatile and sylishly created to enhance a woman's confidence and beauty. There is nothing like rocking a great handbag! We’re always on trend for today and tomorrow.
Vendor Contact: Chanda Castral of Zahnenden | Phone: 3372515624 | Email:

Hello, We created unique jewelry, Accessories and handbags based on Japanese street fashion. As a new York native who lived in Florida, we create colorful street fashion looks that have a edgy vibe but are well recieved by the average consumer. Our Spring collection is more feminine with lace baseball caps and clear bags with straw details.
Vendor Contact: YVETTE ESTIME of Dirty Celebrity | Phone: 17188648501 | Email: SHOPDIRTYCELEB@GMAIL.COM

I am a professional fine art photographer taking my images off the walls and onto textile accessory bags and home decor pillows and paper products. My designs are full of color and have unique stories to go with them. From Impressionist images of tulip fields, coastal sunrises to golden hour water reflections, each design is unique and as special as the adventures that helped create them. Textile fabrics include polyester, cotton and cotton-linen blend. Now offering face masks.
Vendor Contact: Melissa McClain of melissa anne COLORS | Phone: 206 588 6068 | Email:

Tailored knits are designed to fit the entire size spectrum, from petite Infra to plus Ultra, and both men and women. Beanies and scarves are knitted in a variety of fibers and colors. Designs are neutral enough for everyday wear. With the correct fit, you can blend in with the crowd even while standing out in style! Beanie prices, wholesale: Infra, $35; Median, $50; Ultra, $65. Scarf prices, wholesale: Infra, $70; Median, $95; Ultra, $120.
Vendor Contact: Natalie De Anda of Tailored—Knits That Fit | Email:

Jewelry and Accessories made from Repurposed Bicycle Parts. Feather Tube Earrings, Cuffs, Bracelets, Necklaces, Body Pieces. Made in Los Angeles. Vegan. Recycled.
Vendor Contact: AliSUN Franson of BEATRICE HOLIDAY | Phone: 7207716479 | Email:

Hi my name is Michelle, I design my own perfume my scent The fragrance is made a lil fruitful,and a nice summer breeze. I call it Mookie 4000..Nice for a GIFT. The price is $100 a bottle. Try it,u want be disappointed. Thanks in advance Michelle
Vendor Contact: Michelle Schenck of Fluffy mascot | Phone: 8568220776 | Email:

Hey my name is Michelle Schenck. I also have cups,phone screen,covers,towel And much more You can purchase Shop mookiemichelle United States Thanks in advance. Michelle
Vendor Contact: Michelle Schenck of Fluffy mascot | Phone: 8568220776 | Email:

Hey my name is Michelle Schenck,I'm a new Entrepreneur.I love fashion, be a designer, clothing,and love be creative.I own my mascots business,in mascots.I'm just trying to bring my passion and ideas to life.Everyone need that push,and motivation. I be more happy to give you details about my fashion and ideas. Here is more information on my sneakers,I designed myself,You can purchase from Shoe id Mookie shoe if 1267295. Thanks so much
Vendor Contact: Michelle Schenck of Fluffy mascot | Phone: 8568220776 | Email:

The ICON collection by Tiannia Barnes is a delicate, yet feminine blend of sophistication, style and boldness. This is our newest 2020 collection that boasts twelve styles that were inspired by Tiffany’s at breakfast meets 2020 modern day real ness that resonates with all women globally. If there is an interest in the full collection and pricing, please contact Prices range from $350 - $800 (wholesale prices range from $130 - $260) Thank you. TB team
Vendor Contact: Tiannia Barnes of Tiannia Barnes | Phone: 646-856-9817 | Email:

Floral face masks that can be used as a face shield, headband, bandana, wristband, and neck warmer. Can help limit respiratory droplets when used as face masks. • 95% polyester, 5% elastane • Breathable fabric • Washable and reusable Attention: The product is not intended to act as a medical device or other medical product, and should not be used as a replacement for conventional and approved personal protective equipment, including surgical masks or respirators.
Vendor Contact: Menen Hailu of Menen Pictures Shop | Phone: ( 347) 744-0629 | Email:

Obscura™ by Julie Gardner is the projection of photographic art images and scenes onto exquisite natural fiber fabrics. Each design is a reflection of the world around us. By using Natural fiber fabrics only I am creating luxury items that are non toxic for the environment and the wearers skin. Even these big pieces fold small, making them a perfect travel companion that dresses up any outfit. Dress in love with Nature.
Vendor Contact: Julie Gardner of Obscura Arts LLC | Phone: 3107353198 | Email:

We're a streetwear brand trying to change the culture by promoting authenticity on social media. Wholesale Pricing - $13 per hat (minimum order 5) + shipping Suggested Retail Value - $25-$32 (We've had boutiques successfully sell in this price range but you know your clients best)
Vendor Contact: Megan Scruggs of NOT AN influencer | Phone: +17139220976 | Email:

The Talk Bracelet is a charm bracelet and journal combo designed to assist mothers in communicating with their daughters about sensitive topics.Each year, mom will give their daughter a new charm beginning at age 12, and a new charm is added each year on her birthday until age 18. The journal explains what mom and daughter should discuss each year, and space so they can create their own topics. At the end, the bracelet becomes a keepsake and the journal is a memoir of your daughter teen years.
Vendor Contact: Muria Nisbett of The Talk Bracelet | Phone: 206-851-5052 | Email:

My store specializes in women's clothing and accessories, such as bags, jewelry, makeup, lingerie, swimsuits, and more. Everything in my store is priced at $35 or less.
Vendor Contact: Crystal Hodge of Below 35 | Phone: 813-644-1750 | Email:

Always Choose Joy line is a beautiful collection of inspirational jewelry and accessories. Each is handcrafted and beautifully finished with our joy message. The line consist of necklaces, bracelets, keychains, magnets, notepads, and more. A portion of the sales goes towards our PINK BOX project that sends crafts to nursing homes. Your contribution towards this line helps make this possible. Help spread Joy during this pandemic by providing this beautiful line to your customers.
Vendor Contact: Amy Hughes of Amy Catherine Designs | Phone: 5123321003 | Email:

Olianto a luxury British brand presenting high-quality Italian Luxury leather handbags designed in London and made in Italy. The natural cowhide leather handbags from the Olivia collection are stylish and perfect for every occasion. Our handbags are so unique and stylish and range from luxury work or night out bags to crossbody and tote bags. Our stunning handbags will make you stand out from the crowd.
Vendor Contact: winnie Ogugua of Olianto Ltd | Phone: 447921693536 | Email:

SUSANA MADRID shoes are innovative & beautifully made pieces with an exotic & exuberant flirt. Each creation honors ethical work & the outstanding ‘made in Italy’ artistry. Using top quality materials while seeking sustainable & socially committed processes that empower Women, the community and the planet. We are reinventing “basics” by offering flats, mid-heels, and high heels to salute a broad age range; always lifting their spirits through striking and conscious designs.
Vendor Contact: Susana Madrid of Susana Madrid | Phone: +393428587622 | Email:

Sterling Silver & gemstone inspirational jewelry, all designs originally handcrafted and designed. The collection was sold in all Bloomingdales stores , plus many other stores, catalogs, and I have done drop shipping. I have a selection remaining with many words and gemstones available to help uplift people right now. Different price points and qty available , please contact me for more information. I would love to work with you to get the inspiration to your customers.
Vendor Contact: Georgianna Koulianos of GK Designs | Phone: 914-837-6734 | Email:

An exciting new line of premium fibre hair extensions including 5 piece clip in hair extensions (either straight or beach wave) available in 3 different lengths and 26 shade varieties Clip in bangs / fringe Instant messy buns Instant ponytails (either straight or beach wave) available in 3 different lengths and 26 shades. pink hair hangers to create your own hair wardrobe. Stockists and dropshippers make a HUGE 50% profit! Price range RRP £12 - £35 lookbook available
Vendor Contact: Rachel Burgin of Routes hair extensions ltd | Phone: 07817696482 | Email:

Arra by Aradhana captures the elegance that the women in my life radiate. It aims to bring to life the creative side of every woman who wishes to create her unique style. Our designs will make you feel confident, beautiful and more yourself than ever. Jewelry is and always has been all about personality and that is at the center of Arra by Aradhana’s mission. We let you paint out your personality to the world with our handpicked semi-precious stones and artistic designs.
Vendor Contact: Aradhana Sangwan of Vedic Life | Phone: +918800475787 | Email:

Luni is a handmade jewelry and curated home goods company created by Lorenia Henriquez. Our mission at Luni is to bring back feminine power through jewelry that is inspired by esoteric symbolism originating from our ancestors. Helping our Modern Diosas express themselves wholeheartedly while honoring our past collectively. My retail price ranges are $35 to $135, my wholesale price ranges are $13 to $35 with minimums for items under $22
Vendor Contact: Lorenia Henriquez of Luni | Phone: 9174287841 | Email:

Fair trade handbags handmade in Colombia by women artisans of the Wayuu tribe. Machine washable. One of a kind bottoms, signature of every knitter.
Vendor Contact: Laura McMahon of SUSU Accessories | Phone: 7735566440 | Email:

Bangle & Band is the polished way to wear your hair tie. As the only bracelets to conceal a hair tie, our pieces are for people who seek effortless ways to look put together. We believe that your customers deserve the best accessories, and shouldn't wear elastic or telephone ties around their wrist. They will love adorning themselves with accessories that are both functional and beautiful.
Vendor Contact: Michelle Maltbia of Bangle & Band | Phone: 4043333493 | Email:

The Georgina Jewelry collection is unconventional and unique, focusing on a sophisticated and chic urban lifestyle for the woman of today. The collection includes pieces that are wearable works of art, evolving from statement necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets into beautiful garments made of jewels, each in sterling silver or 24k plated gold
Vendor Contact: Georgina Herrera of Georgina Jewelry | Phone: 19132215037 | Email:

Lilia is a Chicago based sport bag company designed for the busy, modern woman. Crafted with luxury sustainable materials and thoughtfully designed with both form and function in mind. Lilia's mission is to live #SportRedefined--underscoring the balancing act that so many women take on each day. Whether it’s a workout in preparation for a first marathon, or the daily hustle of work, school, or kids, Lilia Sport is committed to conquering a woman’s busy day, every day.
Vendor Contact: Hannah Bartman of LILIA Sport | Phone: 7087242242 | Email:

BootSkootz - Jeweled Belts for your boots. These Gorgeous Fashion Accessories that Make You Feel Like the Star You Were Born to Be. Customizable Designs - Mix & Match Belt Strap and Buckles Create a Boot-Belt that's unique to you! Quality Materials Designed with care and made to last. Patent Pending Features The only design made to hug your boot to help with slipping. Beautiful, Daring, Fun-Loving. For strong, capable women who aren’t afraid to glitter in the spot-light
Vendor Contact: Leyla Jeanne of BootSkootz LLC | Phone: 281-785-2325 | Email:

Davey's is a heritage handbag brand. Using mostly fabric with leather trims for our bags. We also have a personalized plate that we sell, where the customer can order their initials.
Vendor Contact: Patrick French of Davey's | Phone: 8654052851 | Email:

Lu Lepri Founder and Designer at Lu Lepri Art & Purpose Handbags: Lu Lepri is a self-taught artist. Her creativity and inspiration are the basis of her creations. After undergoing breast cancer, she decided that it was time to materialize her imagination in pieces that could carry an inspiring message to all other women in search of empowerment. Her bags are handmade by herself and a Brazilian artisan, manufactured with concepts of sustainability.
Vendor Contact: Luciana Lepri of Lu Lepri Art & Purpose | Phone: 2407026175 | Email:

Wearable Art from original artwork of Lady Barbara Pinson. Luxury accessories : Cashmere/Silk Scarves, Handcrafted Leather/Canvas Bags, Pouchettes as carry alls, Totes, Leather/Canvas Clutches, Aline Dresses. Brightly colored pieces that update any wardrobe. Especially good sellers for upscale boutiques, resort shops, botanical garden gift shops, art museum shops. We can drop ship to your customer, gift wrapped with a note card from your store. We want to partner with you!
Vendor Contact: Lady Barbara PINSON of Lady Barbara Pinson Artist | Phone: 4702198402 | Email:

Weaving communities together, design by Georgina Herrera and handmade by native Mexican’s from Southeast Mexico. When you purchase a Lola’s Bag you are helping to support this community of artisans. Lolas Bag are made with recycle plastic , They are very lightweight and durable, and did we mention waterproof? The perfect bag for your everyday!
Vendor Contact: Georgina Herrera of Lolas Bag | Phone: 19132215037 | Email:

We sell unique never before seen products.
Vendor Contact: Chasmite Dolos of Life Live Apparel | Phone: 6179812491 | Email:

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    I really like idea #5 from John Richards ‘The Naked Inventor’ to be “patent pending”. It not only may keep copiers at bay, but you can always finish the application process if you choose to or always be “patent pending”.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  • Talia says:

    Check out this article on the Blog of Timothy Ferriss.

    A Beginner’s Guide: How to Rent Your Ideas to Fortune 500 Companies (Plus: Video)

    It is all about inventing things and getting companies to pay for the patents while they give you the royalties.

    This is Stephen Key’s website, who is featured in the post


  • Idea #5 describes the Provisional Patent. It’s not free (Provisionals cost $100 per app, I believe) but it does provide protection for a year; then it expires. After that, I believe the USPTO can refer to that same Provisional application in citing “Prior Art” (the previous existence of an idea) for any other inventions. In other words, I doubt one would get any real protection from repeatedly re-filing a new Provisional for the same invention. Of course I’m just The Backyard Harmonica Teacher, not a patent attorney! Click on my title above to check out my patented FlashHarp ( )!

    Best Regards,
    The Backyard Harmonica Teacher

  • I misstated the fact regarding Idea #5 above. A Provisional is not protection. It’s not even reviewed by the USPTO. It just sits there in case you decide you want to go for it during that 1-year provisional time.

    Also, if you’re thinking about a Design patent, forget about filing a Provisional. You can’t refer to a Provisional in a Design patent filing. Sorry!

    Best Regards,
    The Backyard Harmonica Teacher

  • The Inventor Alan Klukis says:

    I have been searching for answers for a long time now…in the last five years I have come up with 278 good ideas that I want to patent but did not have the money for even one of them. I have worked for other business owners who spent millions of dollars defending their trade secrets and design patents and got nothing in return. What I have concluded is that if you have a great idea there will be a great deal of money involved for protecting it and producing it correctly. If you don’t have a great deal of money, use what you do have…a great brain for coming up with new solutions to problems. You don’t have to be a patent attorney to file a patent, you just need to have the knowledge of how to patent one…so teach yourself you can learn any thing you want from the internet, it’s global library of free information! A provisional patent currently costs $220 to file the application, which you can supposedly do in one day, realistically more like a week, correctly probably a month. A good resource is the book “Patent Pending in 24 Hours” by Stim & Pressman. Also another great book is “The Inventor’s Bible” by Sr. Docie Ronald Louis, this book walks you through the process from having an idea in your sketchbook to getting it on the shelves in stores. I like IDEA #5’s thinking, but it has some flaws. You can only file an idea once, after a year it is considered public knowledge and anyone in the world can reproduce your product, unless you file for a non-provisional patent before the one year is up. There are three different types of non-provisional patents which have different protections and different application fees. So it depends on what you are inventing. A design patent currently costs $220, a plant patent $220, and a utility patent $330(the most common). A typical utility patent application takes about two to three years before it becomes awarded as an official patent. Sarah Shaw, who wrote this article, had a design patent, which does not protect a product very well at all. If someone changes how her product looks one little bit, they can get their own design patent or be smarter and get a utility patent which has the same look and function as her product.

    So in summary, for $550 you can scare away your competition for up to four years, however patent applications can now be viewed on So really after a year anyone can look at your patent application and file one of their own very similar to yours if yours is not done right. They could also get a close enough patent to sue you for infringement within four years. If they win with all their big money backing them, then not only would you have to stop making your own product…you would have to pay them a fee for every one of your own products you sold! As f*cked up as that is, it’s how it works! So the real question is…Can you make a name for yourself and find a niche in the market within four years to establish enough wealth and popularity to defend your intellectual property? Because that is really the only time you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN before someone with more money can shut you down in the courthouse. Don’t loose hope though, EVEN IF SOMEONE STEALS YOUR IDEA, THEY CAN’T STEAL THE BRAIN THAT IS CAPABLE OF COMING UP WITH AN EVEN BETTER IDEA LATER ON!

    Watch the movie “A Flash of Genius” it shows one inventor’s determination which eventually paid off. He sued Ford by himself…and won! TRAILER

    I just started my own manufacturing company out of my garage and backyard. I started by researching prior art and my competitors! I have spent the last six months figuring out the perfect and most efficient design through 20+ prototypes, making or buying the right tools and machines for assembly line production, designing packaging, finding suppliers and distributors, registering my business with the state, setting up a bank account, and making a website (offline). The best part is I did all this at home for under $1500 because I acquired the right KNOWLEDGE of what and how I needed do next…all in secrecy. Now, it is time to file a provisional patent…then MARKET MY IDEA! This way I am not wasting INVALUABLE PATENT PENDING TIME trying to figure out everything else involved with getting my IDEA out there. Hope this helps and inspires more inventors to keep going and make the world a better place.

    P.S. FlashHarp…love your product! Does it actually work as a harmonica still? I play the harp and nerd out on the computer quite a bit, it would be a great everyday tool for my pocket!

  • plug anal says:

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  • Richard says:

    My partner and I recently submitted a design patent to the USPTO.
    The utility patent for our invention will be a complex project. I am the original flash of inspiration designer and electronics/ control guy. My partner owns a complete machining/welding, fabrication shop and warehouse. He figures out how to take the rough framework, electronic, and motor apparatus I come up with, and make it work in the real world. We have been stealthy about testing our machines, and have in house testers who give us feedback. We are self financed, and have a local angel who does not charge us for much of the raw metal stock we consume.
    We go to the main industry trade show and keep a very close eye on the nearest competition. We have not seen anyone come close to what we do.
    It has come to my attention that we cannot afford to get international patent(s) on our invention. We will be lucky to be able to afford US patents. Protecting what we do in North America will be difficult enough.
    I do not want to single any particular country out, but it has come to our attention that copies of what we do could be rolling off the assembly line and brought to market in other parts of the world within weeks or months of them finding out about our better mousetrap. If we show what we do at the main trade show, various foreign factories could be eating our lunch in a matter of weeks.
    We need a distribution system that can get enough units out and allow us to recoup our development costs and hopefully show some black ink before the wolves pick our bones. There are thousands of potential customers for our product in North America, and it is easy to imagine many of them could afford to buy hand made in the USA versions before we have to go offshore to undercut the premium product in advance of the inevitable copycats. Our rough plan is to undercut the pricing on our own product by having much of it made elsewhere. At least we can control the quality of the massed produced product and take some of the pirate’s incentive away. I can imagine a boutique/ special order operation along with the cheaper massed produced product.
    It is depressing to go to the trade show and see fabulous North American designed products that have horrible clones made and marketed within a few years of the initial domestic product roll out. It seems to be common enough for North American manufacturers to not patent unique designs and try to make their money before the market becomes dominated with the rip offs.

  • By filing for a Patent and receiving a Patent, you establish ownership of an idea similar to the way a “title” does for a car or a “deed” does for real estate. Like other forms of property, patents are valuable assets and can be bought, sold, leased, used as collateral for loans, and even inherited.

    Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s “idea economy” requires effectively guarding your intellectual property rights through the use of US Patents. The core value of most businesses isn’t in land, equipment, manufacturing facilities, or other physical property. Today, the most valuable assets of many companies are knowledge-based intangible assets such as proprietary know-how and the innovative application of new ideas or methods of doing business.

    We offer free consultations

    Design patent including formal drawings, research, filing fee’s = 1400.00

    Gulf Coast Intellectual Property Group, LLC
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  • Lyle says:

         Yes, utility patents are expensive. If you have a really good idea, a utility patent is worth it's weight in gold. Inventing a new anti spill device for your coffee cup… Not a really good idea, or invent a way for insurance companies to save 5 billion dollars a year for 50 bucks… A really good idea! 

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