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Interviewing Sales Reps

So I hope you have had a chance to take a look at some of the Marts around the country that I posted about last week.  I know speaking to reps might be a bit intimidating so I put together a list of questions you can freely ask (and they'd be expecting of you) so you can sound like the savvy Entreprenette that you are!

Some questions you can ask a sales rep:

  1. What other lines do you represent?
  2. What tradeshows do you attend?
  3. Do you require that I attend them?
  4. What commission do you require?
  5. Will you need catalogs or can you print them if I email a pdf file?
  6. What kind of stores do you service? Dept? Boutique? Mass market?
  7. Can I please see your contract?
  8. Do you return samples? If not do you purchase them?
  9. How many sample sets do you require?
  10. Do you go on the road as well?
  11. Do you have road reps that work for you in other states?
  12. Do your road reps need samples too? If so, how many?
  13. Do you have showrooms in other cities?

Let me know how it goes smarty!

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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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