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Did you know that magazines and bloggers are always looking for new products?

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Sarah Shaw, the creator of the Instantly Famous Products list, worked in Hollywood for over a decade building relationships with key influencers and magazine editors world wide.

Now, Sarah provides them with access to small businesses throughout the country who have products they can feature in their media outlet.

So, you are officially invited to join the list (you must read the rules below first, and strictly adhere to them). Once you are on the list, just watch your email box, and when an opportunity comes your way, respond quickly and professionally and you might just have the next Instantly Famous Product.

Being on this list is a privilege so please read the rules below!

Instantly Famous Products Rules

  • Please read the request carefully and ONLY submit what is requested.
  • If the request is for something you don't make……then wait for the next one.
  • If you are contacted, it is your responsibility to get the product to them by the date they require. Please don't let us down!
  • If you do not hear from anyone, keep the faith. There will be many opportunities for everyone.
  • Once you have been contacted, DO NOT ever give their contact info to a friend and risk our relationship.
  • Anyone can join this list for FREE and be connected o these influencers. Tell your friends to sign up and reap the benefits.
  • If you are selected and have questions – please send them to us and we will be your liaison for whatever you need.
  • I will be putting you in front of a lot of heavy hitters – One great placement can make your year