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  • Back to school
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  • New accessories for Fall
  • Color trend stories
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  • ... and anything else you can think of

Our goal is to save you from those endless unsolicited emails and phone calls; and those off-topic or untargeted pitches that you constantly receive - this will save you tons of time. Again, it is FREE.

Instantly Famous Products is a great way to get your eyes on products you might otherwise never get to see (many of these designers are new and may not have a PR).

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  • Clothing designers
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  • Bath & body products
  • Skin care products
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair care
  • Baby & kid products & clothing
  • ... and more!

All IFP asks is that if you do use a source from IFP, you please provide a link to the post and/or the publication date for print - so they can let the designer(s) know when the editorial is released so they can see and promote it to their peeps. IFP will of course promote the story to their list.

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