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Clearly I am on a BIG sales kick right now to help you come up with as many ideas as possible to raise your sales RIGHT NOW!  We need to get your customers to open their wallets!  I reached out to my Entreprenette Experts to get some innovative and different ideas for you to try right now.

One other fun tip that a friend is doing now (and said I can share it with you all) is to offer a % off that matches the count down to Christmas.  So if you want to start today December 1st, there are 25 days left……today's sale would be 25% off, tomorrow 24% off and so on down the line……… this is a way to create a buying frenzy to get your customers clamoring for the items at the highest discount.  Post this on FB and email to your mailing list right now!

Hope you find some good ideas from my Experts here – let me know your favorites and what you try out and the results!

Soaps and scents, skincare options, luxe lotions and clean candles. I am proud to say that we remain dedicated to handcrafting products that contain no animal fats, are cruelty free and are formulated with the highest quality botanical ingredients. All made in San Diego, CA.
Vendor Contact: Daniel Summers of Les Creme | Phone: 8582201010 | Email:

CurlyCoilyTresses®️ specializes in moisturizing, hydrating and defining natural curl care products for classy ladies on-the-go! All of our products are clean, organic and non-toxic with a minimum of ingredients and are fragrance, scent and masking agent free! Keeping our customers shapoppin’ every single day is our mission! We want them looking amazing and feeling great. Every. Single. Day. We are the destination for natural curl care!
Vendor Contact: Angela Fields of CurlyCoilyTresses | Phone: 813-787-3658 | Email:

Vanessa’s Essence Natural Hair Care wants to help young girls with wavy, curly, coily and afro-textured hair to understand and love the hair that was given to them naturally. We worked with experts to develop a special a line of natural hair care products just for girls. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients that work best for thick, curly, coily, kinky and wavy hair. Price range: $16 to $28
Vendor Contact: Sabrina Kent of Vanessa's Essence Natural Hair Care | Phone: 855-550-8720 | Email:

Good morning, I am Zane from Atlantis Skincare high vibrational nourishment for skin. Our luxurious, 100% natural formulas are hand-crafted following a seed to skin and farm to face philosophy. Every product is infused with sustainably grown, wild-harvested active and adaptogenic ingredients which are carefully combined for the most effective results. Samples on request.
Vendor Contact: Zane Bermaka of Atlantis Skincare LTD | Phone: +447809695602 | Email:

Welcome to Lulo Organic Skincare! Natural, clean, organic skincare powered by Latin American superfruits Our products funnel the best practices from around the world: European ingredient standards: anything dangerous enough to be banned in one country has no business going on our skin. Manufactured in Canada: strict health and safety regulations. High labor standards. Natural ingredients from South America: Unrivaled nature and biodiversity. We specialize in anti-aging for sensitive skin. View line sheet:
Vendor Contact: Marta Vasquez of Lulo Organic Skincare | Phone: 1 647 877 7434 | Email:

Featured in Parade Magazine January 8, 2020 Organic beach and travel beauty products "These organic beach and travel beauty products from swimwear company, T SUIT are quite a spectacular discovery. The scents whisk you away to an exotic vacay and it’s a great idea to put this indie beauty and fashion brand (made in the USA) on your radar!" Wholesale $14
Vendor Contact: Denise Cesare of T SUIT Fits Every Body To A T | Phone: 917-751-6897 | Email:

Urban's Edge is the formulator of luxury essential oil blends. Our oils are tested for purity, ensuring quality from farm to formulation. Our products provide a mini-healing session that goes beyond aromatherapy. You will not find better quality essential oils. Each Essential oil room and body spray, travel roll-on and body polish contains an essential oil blend and energetically-charged gemstones carefully chosen for their beneficial qualities to optimize the synergy of each blend.
Vendor Contact: Stacey Martin of Urban's Edge | Phone: 570-218-9775 | Email:

Jacqueline Piotaz is a luxury skincare line from the Swiss alps. We use the stem cells of Alpine plants to rejuvenate the skin. Cruelty-free, plant-based, clean ingredients and eco-friendly. We have 4 collections, one for each stage of aging: - Glacial Hydration (hydration) - Pollution Defense (detox and protection) - Alpine Radiance (anti-aging and radiance boosting) - CellPower Experts (rejuvenation, regeneration and deep lifting) High-end, effective skincare from Switzerland.
Vendor Contact: Sebastyan Meixger of Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland | Phone: 4243826807 | Email:

A 4-H Dairy Goat project turned small business. I make Goat Milk Soaps & Lotions, Anti Lizard Skin Cream aka Fluffy Stuff (shea butter based), Lip Balms (olive oil based)& Solid Lotion Bars; all made from scratch. My products are just like me fun, colorful & practical but will spoil you.
Vendor Contact: Korie Boyes of Polka Goat Farm LLC | Phone: 928-458-9389 | Email:

The Creative Energy Candle is an all natural, hand-poured soy candle that melts to create not only a beautiful scent, but also a healthy body lotion that's suitable for all skin types. Our unique recipe features natural anti-aging properties & the healthy moisturizing effects of antioxidants, minerals & vitamins A, E & K. All of our candles are all natural & made with only the finest quality soybean wax, natural essential oils & certified organic extra virgin coconut oil. CEC is woman-owned.
Vendor Contact: Claire Ward of Creative Energy Candles | Phone: 803-233-1407 | Email:

Zen + Ether is an eco-luxe beauty brand that creates skincare products to help you relax and find inner calm. Our products are aromatherapy-based using premium quality tropical herbs and extracts. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our products are packaged using eco-friendly material including zero-waste plantable boxes. Our line sheet is available at the following link: Our retail pricing varies from $15 to $62
Vendor Contact: Shandale Forbes of Zen + Ether | Phone: 4437394983 | Email:

At CocoRoo we believe what we put ON our body is just as important as what we put IN our body. That is why we do not add any chemicals to our products. We are proud of our simple, effective ingredients. CocoRoo currently offers four products: 3 coconut oil lotions (Naturally Naked, Lost in Lavender and Mint Condition) AND Total ReJAVAnation, the FIRST coffee scrub in a tube! We believe you should treat your body, like you treat other people, with kindness.
Vendor Contact: Jill Howarth of NuTreatments LLC | Phone: 6602273404 | Email:

Our Natural Bug Spray is DEET-free and Repels Mosquitoes, Gnats and Other Biting Insects. 4 oz. It's expensive because it WORKS!!!! We use high end essential oils and it smells AWESOME!!! Retail $15.00 Wholesale $11.00 Active Ingredients: Lemongrass Oil, Neem Oil, Lavender Oil and a Proprietary Blend of Fragrance Oils. Inactive ingredients: SD Alcohol 40B, Deionized Water, Butylene Glycol and Glycerin.
Vendor Contact: Chris Budde of McClean Enterprises, LLC | Phone: 5635744376 | Email:

Indigo is a clean beauty artisan skincare brand with a focus on ingredients from our local farming and artisan community in over 95% of our products.
Vendor Contact: Jennifer Tice of Indigo Bath & Body | Phone: 7065300970 | Email:

Fireside Chat Inspirational Candle Company is a luxury candle brand that specializes in sophisticated, luxurious fragrances that inspire. We hand pour each candle and we use only natural ingredients! We use soy candle wax to ensure a clean, soot-free burn, and a guaranteed burn time of 65-70hrs. Line Sheet Link: Please contact for luxury vessel wholesale/retail pricing.
Vendor Contact: DEBORAH HARRISON of Fireside Chat Inspirational Candles | Phone: 6786851066 | Email:

Urthmos is a skincare line with a base of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda herbs create for mature and sensitive skin. All of our ingredients and preservatives are natural and organic. Our unique product ingredients are beneficial to everyone especially to those who feel they have tried everything. Our prices range from $48-$130. Please feel free to take a look at our line sheet: Samples available upon request.
Vendor Contact: Erika Cannon-MacGillivray of Urthmos | Phone: 8337090073 | Email:

Introducing the beauty product you'll wonder how you ever survived without. Saving Grace Hair Powder instantly absorbs oil and covers roots, solving hair woes. Saving Grace will literally be your saving grace. This product, which comes in 4 shades, has women across the US ditching their cliched excuse, "Sorry I can't come out tonight, I'm washing my hair." Applied in seconds with a makeup brush,the powder quickly freshens hair and hides root growth for an instant hair makeover. MSRP = $16 USD
Vendor Contact: Erica Harriss of Saving Grace Beauty | Phone: 6185803265 | Email:

Handcrafted all natural herbal blends for wellness. Thorny Paw pain relief is a best-seller! It works well on all kinds of pain, even bee stings. Allergy Ambush allergy support is great for watery eyes and sneezing and coughing. Cold Courage immune support is a great booster for cold and flu season. Broncho Lion lung supports the respiratory tract. You can see the About Us section on the website to see my story and how I got into herbs! Other products are available as well. Thank you!
Vendor Contact: Rachel Fletcher of Lion's Arrow LLC | Phone: 3184648369 | Email:

Nopalera is Mexican Botanicals for Bath & Body. Formulated to meet the standards of the cleanest beauty retailers, the brand celebrates culture and resiliency using the Mexican nopal (cactus) as its star ingredient. The gorgeous branding combined with sustainable packaging iscapturing the hearts of one of the biggest shopping demographics in the beauty category: Latinas.
Vendor Contact: Sandra Velasquez of Nopalera | Phone: 3478812660 | Email:

Laura's Botanicals helps busy people apply herbalism in a sustainable way with small batch herbalist designed skincare and bath ritual items featuring our own harvests. Herbal Bath Bomb Packets: a loose bath bomb mixture with certified organic botanicals in three natural scents lavender, palo santo and eucalyptus. $2.25 a wholesale unit. Gold Herbal Face Serum: Calendula infused jojoba wax serum in a 1/2 fl oz dropper vial $16 a wholesale unit Matcha Balm: Matcha tea infused balm
Vendor Contact: Laura Baum of Lauras Botanicals | Phone: 3477819814 | Email:

Atlantis Skincare is high vibrational nourishment for skin. Our luxurious, 100% natural formulas are hand-crafted following a seed to skin and farm to face philosophy based on traditional Atlantean methods. Every product is infused with sustainably grown, wild-harvested active and adaptogenic ingredients which are carefully combined for the most effective results. Atlantis Skincare is also proudly cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan.
Vendor Contact: Zane Bermaka of Atlantis skincare | Phone: +447809695602 | Email:

Handcrafted Natural Skincare products; Soaps and Candles. “Products With A Purpose!” Such as Body Butters for Eczema, Pain Relief, Anti-Fungal, Anti- Viral, Varicose Veins, Gastrointestinal, Male Enhancement, Vitiligo and Rosacea. Candles are poured in small batches, some looks like desserts as well as smelling like that particular dessert.
Vendor Contact: Loretta Simmons-Jackson of House of Aromas LLC | Phone: 804-687-1861 | Email:

Boutique Blended Teas Served at 5 Star Hotels, Restaurants & Spa's... (Wynn, Canyon Ranch Spa...) Now Available for Your Boutique Holiday Collection Here: Cheers - Lisa Marie - Owner / Tea Master / Designer
Vendor Contact: Lisa Gennawey of Jenwey Tea Co. | Phone: 9512044894 | Email:

INMYHEALS is a luxury, all-natural bath & body brand, dedicated to inspiring moments of retreat with handmade bath, body and feminine care.
Vendor Contact: Jasmine Wilcoxson of INMYHEALS LLC | Phone: 9723708497 | Email:

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Written by Sarah Shaw

There are 9 comments

  • Trish Cooper says:

    Sarah,great tips from your experts.. for us the story of Zatswho has landed us on The Fox Business Network, The Wall Street Journal, local newspapers & radio where consumers emotionally connect to our product plus it doesn’t hurt that from the get go we started giving back by using services & donating Zatswho to orgs & individuals helping in their fundrasing needs getting Zatswho out in the public eye, spreading the word & feeding our, win for all!

  • I have a vinyl decal on the back window of my car. It tells what I do and gives the website. Advertises 24/7 wherever I go. If you don’t like it on all the time, try magnetics signs. Got them from SignLinks on Etsy!

  • Julia Gersen says:

    I definitely agree that, in this economy, people are much more open to spending if they feel like they are getting something back as well. We recently rebranded and relaunched our website and, to help build more traffic and awareness, we are offering a money match promotion so people earn store credit to use after the new year depending on the amount they spend now. Everybody wins!

  • Katrinna says:

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. So many of them are so simple, yet at the same time, not something you’d think of right away. I can’t wait to implement these. ♥

  • Anna says:

    Great ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Great ideas! My print giveaways work well…. and there is so many other things to try! Happy Holidays!

  • Clipits says:

    Very helpful! Thank you.

  • Kenny says:

    L@@K! My tip above was just used by Tim Ferris (4 Hour Work Week fame).
    Check this out:

    The fact that it’s sold out, shows that this strategy actually works in real life!

  • Julia says:

    What we do is make sure we are delivering a quality product for the right price and on time. We make sure our customers are happy and spreading the word. Special discounts for ongoing customers makes them feel special and then they tell someone who tells someone and viral marketing thrives. We also capture new customers at trade shows- we give them a free product, gather their contact info- then they take the free sample back to their home, school or office- We then follow up to see if we can answer questions and usually, if they haven’t bought a complete set of our Paddles, we can close a deal. If you can get the customer to open their wallet- and you deliver- you will have a fan for life!

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