How Well Do You Tweet?

It seems to me that everyone wants to tweet, should be tweeting…..often is tweeting…..but isn’t always sure how, what, when or why to be tweeting!  My Entreprenette Experts have pulled through again and offered some great tips on how to gain the attention of your followers. Enjoy!



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    Written by Sarah Shaw

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  • DawnV says:

    Excellent advice! Thanks to all the contributors. I especially liked #16. It’s all about the ones leading up to the BIG promotional tweet. Too many people on twitter are just pushing products.

  • Karla says:

    Great article – thanks for sharing! I needed some inspiration to start using Twitter more effectively for my business – this did it!

  • Great article – absolutely correct – twitter is about building relationships. One thing that will get you unfollowed immediately is the Automatic DMs that get sent out to new followers. People seem to hate that.

  • Thanks so much for including me in your article about better tweeting! Much appreciated. Everyone brought some awesome tips together. All the best, Duane Burnett

  • Peter says:

    I tend to do no. 14 often, but my favorite out of the list is no. 2.

  • Roundhouse says:

    I am #15. Total coupon junkie. I also follow a lot of other coupon junkies as well. Fun article.


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