How twitter can change your business overnight

tweetI must admit that I have been on twitter for some time now but never could really see how it was going to help my business.  It often seemed like a bunch of strangers posting about their morning coffee, or about walking their dog. Who cares right?

After hearing my friend Kerianne Mellot speak at an event a few months ago, I decided that I needed to give it some real effort and see what everyone is talking about!  I have been on a twitter-a-thon for about a month now,ka_1 following tons of people that my mentors and other people I admire follow, and am so excited when they follow me back. I have used search engines like Tweepsearch to find new categories of people to follow and have followed some lists that people create too.  I am still learning but having a great time doing it.

Be sure to read today’s  “Ask the Entreprenette” below – Kerianne’s video will explain how to use Twitter to promote a product!  I am personally going to put this to work today to make the most out of my product line before the last shopper has shopped!

I have had a few good laughs at myself this past month as when I have jumped for joy like an 8-yr-old school girl about a person who followed me back.  In my “internetsphere mind”, I am SURE they have chosen to follow me back and are not using an automated system  – I hope I am right because I have spent hours looking at all their profiles and deciding who I want to follow!  I have met so many interesting people – mostly women who have the most incredible companies, are successful and prospering…..even in this economy.  I have found much inspiration in all this.  I no longer even notice the dog walkers and coffee drinkers.  I have honed my eye to catch the important tweets and most importantly – the gems in the mine  – the people who write them.

So in my twitter-a-thon, I have stumbled upon – perhaps it was fated – three super cool women who only promote products made by women inventors!  You know I am all about connecting the women I admire, and I want to introduce you to these fabulous women who could have just the right place for you to sell your own products!

Don’t be shy – tell them I sent you and you’ll feel like they are already your best friend!

My new friends:

MelindaKnightWomentorz, owned and operated by Melinda Night is an online store that highlights women inventors and sells their products.  She also has a blog that has interviews with some of these Womentorz and other cool things that Melinda finds to share with you about launching.  Melinda is still in the launching phase of her own product but created this website to showcase other women inventors.  She carries really cool products like this shower notepad….. I have thought up some GREAT ideas while in the shower and have put this on my gift list so I don’t forget them again!!
Follow Melinda @womentorz

ledeboerfamilypic2009copyMom 4 Life, owned by Heather Ledeboer, is an online store that sells products created by moms.  Heather has a huge following and one of the most successful on-line stores in this category. She donates a percentage of all sales to charities to help women who can’t afford prenatal-care, she prides herself on her customer service and treats every customer as she wants to be treated.  If you are a mom inventor – this is your home run!   She is going to be carrying my Handy Hold All next month!
Follow Heather @mom4lifecom

IMG_2891_biggerProduct X blog was created by Tracy Sander.  She is an inventor herself and has big intentions!  She created a product (Tupperware inspired) and made a super home made (totally amateur) prototype and decided to pitch it to QVC and the Home Shopping Network before she wasted a lot of money developing a real working prototype and got her patent etc…..SMART lady!   Friends and family thought she was nuts to go out to the “big guns” with the sample she had made, but luckily she didn’t listen.  I just find her Chutzpa really inspiring and wanted to share that with you.  You can connect with her on twitter and find out more about her yourself.  @TracyPitchwoman
Please let me know if you connect with any of these women!

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